How not to gain weight after weight loss

The biggest challenge will be barbecues in nature, festive feast.In such situations, it acts several exciting factors: the smell of food, delicious set table;alcoholic beverages because of which over the amount of food intake control is lost;friends with relish absorb food.As a result, the failure to accompany overeating, and thus the return of the former weight, and in some cases greater than the former.

It will be hard not to gain weight, and in the resort areas, as hotels compete with each other who is better "buffet".It is therefore very important to have the willpower to eat balanced, because only then can keep the result for many years.

«Rule saucer" is best to help keep the weight discarded.In this case, you can eat everything, but there is one condition - the plate should be divided into two equal parts, then one of them has split in two.What should be in these parts?Half of the plate is filled with fruits and vegetables, a quarter plate filled with protein food, and the other quarter is fille

d with a carbohydrate meal.And it is usually necessary to use at each meal.It's very simple, and works perfectly!

You do not have to constantly monitor and count the number of calories contained in the product, protein, fat and fiber.Now, following the "rule of the plates," you can safely eat everything.At the same time your food is diverse, healthy, moderate and balanced content of vitamins, nutrients and trace elements.You do not have to eat less necessary.And such "malnutrition" due to fear of gaining weight again is a problem, because if you have eaten enough, it will cause a feeling of hunger.In strict compliance with this rule gradually you get used to a moderate diet, and eventually stop feeling hunger.

to keep weight after weight loss, allowed to take natural supplements that reduce appetite and cravings for sweet foods.These drugs, which include components of animal and vegetable origin: chrome, fiber, fucus, chitosan, kelp, Garcinia.They will help get enough food less, a little temper cravings for sweet foods, will not overeat at night.

Following the rules of power, do not forget about sports, it's even more help to successfully maintain the result of lost weight.At least what should be taught myself, so it is to walk at least 30 minutes a day.

And a few more tips on how not to gain weight after weight loss:

  • Minimize frozen and canned foods, eat organic foods.
  • Do not eat in a hurry, while watching TV or reading a newspaper, magazine.Absorb food slowly, appreciating and enjoying all the flavor of the product.
  • vegetables, fish and meat are best consumed in the liver, stewed or grilled.
  • Minimize frozen mixture of unknown composition, is better to use a simple side dishes.
  • Prefer seasonal food, which is characteristic for your region, and avoid a large number of exotic products.
  • Try for yourself to determine and limit the serving size of the portion.
  • to minimize the spirits, because they dull alertness and increase appetite.Even eating dry wines, should control their number.
  • If you're going to go to the grocery store, snack, this will help avoid the temptation to purchase unnecessary products.Even if you're just going to go out for a walk, have a bite anyway.
  • At a time when the diet does not have enough vitamins, you should take vitamin complexes, which is best to choose with the help of a doctor.

And finally, do not make a cult out of food, as in life besides food, there are other interests.

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