As the hair to hide facial imperfections

Choosing Hairstyles by type of face

When choosing hairstyles, you can focus on the program for the PC which now abound in the sale, you can easily see which of the options is right for your hair type of person.

round shape. These individuals have a round chin and on their ear level between the cheekbones widest distance.For this type, experts recommend high hair with volume, because the shape of the face so impressed elongated and narrower.

Here fit and hairstyles of straight hair, but keep in mind that the length of the haircut you need to do necessarily below the chin.On the ears has to the widest part of the face, because by doing hair, carefully avoided the pomp in these places, otherwise the person becomes increasingly visual.Haircuts such as "quads", having rounded shape, are not recommended.

triangular shape. The widest part of the face falls on the level of the eyebrows and above, narrowed from the temples and cheeks to a rather small chin.Made of high hair, you just emphasize the narro

w lower part of his face, but because professionals are advised to choose the length of the hair to the chin and gently curved strands counterbalance the lower jaw.

There are also suitable hair longer, good hairstyle with side parting or direct dividing.Try variant hairstyles, combed hair behind her ears, then eyes will attract all the attention, and the width of the cheekbones in this part of the person be balanced.

lush Short haircuts quite desirable, they are much heavier top of the head to make it big and bulky.But at the back increased volume of hair successfully balance the high cheekbones and narrow chin.

rectangular shape.Here thin oval face, long distance between the lower cheekbones equidistant between the temples, can often be a very high forehead and narrow chin.When a rectangular shape are ideal hairstyle such as "quads", medium length, body hair on the sides of the face perfectly fill the lack of width.

should be avoided at all flowing hair and long lengths, as it visually more will lengthen your face.Hair to the shoulder will be the best option for you, they can do much more voluminous strands, so the person will look more harmonious.

oval. holders this person fit any hair, oval face type allows you to wear the Greatest number of different options haircuts and hairstyles every than any other form, because the oval shape is well balanced and proportional.

form "diamond". If you have a form of individual resembles a diamond, remember that the most important thing - it is not necessary to cover the hair, the face, or the beauty of the facial oval and curtained will be lost for admiring.Unconditionally, with this ideal type any style, because it is not a person, but the most amazing diamond.Especially pay attention to its splendor in the temples, which gives hair the form of a heart.Hairdressers recommend to increase the amount of hair in the back of the head that balances the line wide cheekbones.

square shape. In this form of characteristic parallel lines running from the temples to the chin, clear and direct line.There can not advise updo, because this will increase the symmetry of the elongated shape of the head.But very handy will fall too short haircuts and bangs that its volume will cover the ears.

good option for you yavyatsya and more elongated hairstyle with wavy strands around the face.And that's what experts recommend not to do, so it's haircuts and styling with long, straight hair, plus haircuts with a completely straight hair above or to the chin, as such hairstyles will allocate the excess square face.If your hair is long, straight, try to give the crown of the head as much as possible the volume and add the required volume and the entire length of hair.

How to hide facial imperfections hair

So, small face .Do not overload the graceful lines of the face additional and unnecessary detail.It is advisable to completely remove the hair from her face, recreating the maximum amount on each side of the head and the crown.

small chin. ideal option would be a short haircut, having a bang up to the eyebrows to the bottom of the temples round, going down to the lower back of the head at the neck.You can also wear long hair with bangs, but they combed behind his ears.

long nose.Here recommended low and lush fringe to the eyebrows, or a little less hair short or long, haircut cascade.Leave loose strands - they attract attention to your nose.

high forehead.Need short bangs, very same haircut can be any short or long.Back hair never comb.

sloped and rounded forehead.It's easy to close pomp bang, with hair zacheshite smoothly back and behind the ears.

low forehead.Such forehead, you can increase the lush bangs, which will go down slightly below the level of the eyebrows.

Double chin make less noticeable flowing hair luxuriant long hair on the face.

Asymmetric eyes can be aligned if oblique shear a bang so that it came down right on the eye, which is located below.

Close-set eyes ?Then you need to shun low-bangs hairstyles, facial hair is better to clean up at all.

Flat enough round neck short hair, making it more lush in the area of ​​the nape and crown.Hair cut short long hair in the neck and make a light fleece.

Defects neck .You can hide with long hair curly or straight hair.

Defects ears become less noticeable with beautiful curly or straight hair, at any haircut.If the ears are large and protruding, then close their hair to about the middle ear.If the ears are not fully closed, keep in mind that the contour of hairstyles they should not act.

graceful little figure .With such a figure experts give advice not to wear curvy hair.

short neck .Briefly vows.

Large breasts. With a large amount of chest hair to make the most lush, so they do not attract too much attention to your magnificent bust.

Wide hips. Wide hips do not look smooth and sleek hair.

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