How to get the guy to say, "I love you"

So, what to do if you ask the question: how to get the guy to say he loves you?First, you need to think about why you have to make it.We all know that to say "love" can only be on their own.Of course, if this "love" is sincere.But a different attitude from the guy you most likely do not need.Of course, to make it say what you want, you can be anyone, just need to apply a certain leverage.If for you it is important just to hear these words, then you can threaten to put pressure on pity and roll up hysteria.

But if you do not need to get the guy to say just a word, and hear from him this recognition, then, to begin with, figure out why he did not tell you these exact words.

Perhaps the fact that for a guy you're not the favorite person.So even if you are very close to him, he was afraid to say "I love you" not to engender false hopes.In this case, you need not get him to talk, and get to feel.Admit it, even if he is able to say the necessary words of pity, you will not be this happy.Therefore, in such a

case, you must decide how to change the situation, that the word "say" equal to the word "make".

Each person can fall in love with.Just need to come up with the right strategy and find a way.To do this, first of all, you need to know about the tastes and preferences of a loved one, his character and the possible reactions to certain events.

likely you know a young man for a long time and are friends, and perhaps a little more than friends, but still.He is not ready for a serious relationship with you.Therefore, you just need to push it to the right decision.

For starters, forget that you're his friend.Immediately it should be noted that this does not mean to stop to take care of the guy, do not pay attention to it and begin to be treated as an empty space.Firstly, it will be unpleasant and incomprehensible for him, and secondly, it just looks suspicious.In this case, we are talking about the fact that you have to stop acting like a guy, and most often occurs when the heterosexual people are friendly.Therefore, you must stop drinking beer on the dispute together to discuss the girls, smoking strong cigarettes and do other things that the guys are engaged in male company.He should remember that, first of all, you're a girl, fragile and delicate.So stay tuned for his behavior, the gestures, phrases.Try to control your emotions and not allow yourself to conduct Bro.You - the woman you want to love and protect.In addition, stop to take care of the young man and try to do everything that it was cozy and comfortable.If a woman always does everything and decides itself, man ceases to feel the defense and simply relaxing.You should never let this happen.In your relationships it must be the man who makes the decisions and struggles with problems.Of course, you can always help him, suggest something, but only within reason.I never should shoulder the entire burden to just make their lives easier.Remember that if a guy is really hard, you still do not have the right to help him in absolutely everything and solve all problems, or else he will start to use it, or relax and turn into a rag.Therefore, try to restrain yourself in good intentions, as if you did not want.But it always tries to support him and help, to give advice.Let him see that you are not indifferent but realizes that is not the center of his universe.Especially if it is in fact so.

Also, do not constantly remind him of himself, to call several times a day, write the message.We need to make sure that he'll write and call.Therefore, it is necessary "to disappear" from time to time, sometimes we do not take up, not respond to messages.Of course, in all you need to know when to stop and not start it is simply ignored.You should be interested in a guy and make sure that he understood: this girl is not so easy as I thought;it does not come running on the first call and will not do for me whatever I want;she is a beautiful woman and it is the highlight;it is not just a friend, it is what I need.If you can get him for this behavior, be sure that soon he will show to you the feelings of which you dreamed every day.And when this happens, the important thing is not to lose the brand and not again become a man who is ready for it at all.Remember that fall out of love is not so difficult, and always a little self control.

If you love does not mean the person for whom you just mean a lot, which is your boyfriend, and has for you is not friendship, then you need to talk and discuss this problem.The fact that not all men understand women's needs for high romance and little attentions.Men believe that they show their love of material care and do not understand why the ladies are offended.So do not be silent or roll scandals, without any explanation.With the beloved just need to talk and explain what you need to hear the word "love" out of his mouth because it gives strength and understanding of the meaning of life in this world.Remember that romance is not inherent in all men, but all loving people are trying to make nice to your partner, but do not always know how.Therefore, if you are all right and clearly explain to the young people will definitely take note of this and will try to bring into your life a little joy with words and attention that you so need to feel happy.