Biking for weight loss

Regular cycling can improve the condition of blood vessels and strengthen the heart, burn excess fat.Cycling is not suitable for people suffering from disease of the vestibular apparatus.Riding contraindicated for weight loss and also herniated discs, and some forms of scoliosis.

solid pros

Argued that during cycling involved only hip, but rather on the front quadriceps.We would like to say at once that this view is mistaken.It is enough to recall the binding regime for weight loss: pulse - the maximum 0, 5-0, 7 (maximum heart rate = two hundred twenty minus age).Thus, for a man of forty giro burning pulse should start with 90 beats per minute, and the older the person, the impacts should be less.Hence, in order to observe what works the whole body, you will need to accelerate to this level and continue for at least 30 minutes.

Let's see what is involved when riding a bicycle.Arms and shoulders holding the steering wheel, because even the asphalt is uneven.Stomach and back to keep the balance, bec

oming "core", without much faster to our tired legs.The gluteal muscles are usually helps the muscles of the thigh.Calves, too involved, because we push on the pedal base of the toes.

pedaling a bicycle, you exercise in a cyclic mode, training is carried out at the expense of fat.Thus, gradually consumed extra fat on the body, and instead formed sports strong legs and a strong upper body (not to be confused with interior motion body).

As practice shows, it is necessary to turn the pedal at least 80 revolutions per minute, but in this case, you will avoid excessive stress on the joints.Modern bikes are equipped with gears: three gears ("star") are in the front, and six or seven are back.When you select a smaller "stars", pedaling easier, so, you can turn the most.Sports doctors believe that the rapid pedaling is the prevention of diseases of the knee may help feet, which have a tendency to varicose veins.Besides it is possible to align the legs of different lengths.

What to choose?

Choice bicycle will influence what style and where you're going to ride it.It should immediately be noted that most of the bike is designed for a maximum of 120 kg.Of course, this does not apply to road, racing and triathlon models.If you decide to buy a bike to lose weight, then you should choose cheap Enduro model or cross-country, hybrid, travel.The first two models of wheel of small diameter, so suburban dirt road bumpy, narrow park path in the woods or a field you will feel more confident.The hybrid model is good in all conditions, but by the revelation of hills and hills better on this bike does not ride.Touring model is good for long trips on the highway.

When choosing a bicycle should pay attention to land.It is better to lose weight, if the landing will be similar to sports: the wheel is almost at the level of the seat, thus reducing the resistance to wind back should be parallel to the ground.So actively working the abdominal muscles and buttocks, and then you are no additional exercise for the press will be able to remove the problem (above or below the waist line) zone.

Correct posture

Pay attention to the height of the seat, so you do not suffer from awkward postures, and have fun and honestly for an hour to burn 300 calories.One foot must be lowered to the bottom position, then put on her heel and straighten the leg.And in this position, set the seat so that when you sit, his legs remained rectified the situation.Otherwise, while riding his feet not be able to straighten the end, and then rest, and as a result, will get sick.The pedal while riding should push the start of the feet, that is, from growing fingers and toes, or no heel.

Let us talk about the transfers.If you drive on a flat road, the front can be put average "star" should be put behind the 3, 4 or 5 "star."You pedal hard and do not get them often twist?Then, reduce the transmission back to the second.It does not become easier?Then back a little increase, and in front put the smallest.

As a rule, the first option is given, even for beginners.On descent should add up to a maximum front sprocket, and lift should be reduced first transfer back and then in front.But if your old bike without gears, then you should remember a simple rule - pedal with at least eighty revolutions per minute as long as possible.If you feel that you find it hard to pedal, and the road goes up, peel off and walk on foot to smooth the road or to the descent.Thus, you avoid injury and unnecessary pumping muscles.For weight loss does not occur if pedaling a bicycle with an effort.


The best route for cycling for weight loss is considered to be a road with quiet slopes and smooth climbs.Smooth road also has the effect, but only for beginners, and the first 2 months.And from the belly rises lose weight effectively.So after two months of riding advice Add climb only rises should be smooth as steep slopes are dangerous for the knees.

not hesitate at times to get off the bike to walk.After skating - walking, skating again - walking - this is a good method to lose weight.Changing the type of traffic, you do not give your muscles get used to the stress, thereby increasing the number of calories burned.In addition, the walk will allow the arms and back rest, because of habit, they can become numb.Also walk will allow you to cope with improper diet part of the road without causing harm.

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