How to restore the relationship with your loved one

Three years later it was discovered that you are happy to be gone from work, changed business suit on a comfortable house dress, and instead of weekly reports prepared to salmon in batter.But with a gentle man not sit at home - he'd sat there, and lay, and even cooked salmon.Something for which you have chosen each other, showering sand through your fingers and go on - there is no need.Another option - a deeply wounded the partner and he can not forgive it.Classically, it looks like "it changed, I drove it, I just can not and does not want the relationship is over.Alternatively, when it is changed, less classical, but also painful.In any case, continue to live in an atmosphere of total distrust and constant tension is unbearable.The third option - the circumstances are against your relationship.For example, it has long been successfully working in Moscow, and you are offered a job in Berlin - and such can not be abandoned!It is impossible, unbearable, there is no need ... now.Because the only reason to

seriously use the word 'never' - this is the phrase "never renounce."

After a pause

What happens after breaking up?Each one of you lives his life: meeting new people, picks other relations being developed in new conditions and circumstances ... You can be absolutely happy and content, as well as it is, somewhere, far away.It is not sufficient time (one year, two, five ...), and the circumstances have not changed, and most importantly - do not you both variables.And such change, - do not meet.And met, it turns out that the chemistry between you is the same, the attraction is still there;It took so much time that the pain was forgotten and supported each other grievances;circumstances have changed again, but this time only to your advantage;both of you are old enough and have the experience to understand the causes of the problems while not repeat them now.In the end, as stated in one of the old proverb: life long.And what is happening now, there is only now and then - look!

Step 1: Take a break

First you need to understand the reasons why you left.If this is not done, then any attempt to reconnect you will encounter the same problems, only on a larger scale.Take as the fact that your relationship - at least in this form and at this stage - are over.Term loans and self-healing!Use "time-I" on it to return to the pursuits and hobbies that were abandoned for the sake of a loved one.Focus on health: eat, sleep, walk - and begin at last to regularly go to the gym!

Step 2: understand, because of what you have left

Use "time-I" in order to understand the problem that ruined your relationship.Just get to the bottom, you'll be able to build a healthy relationship in the future.Thinking about it, do not forget to evaluate their own actions throughout history: Have you ever had problems with trust and honesty, self-esteem of each of you and think how they can affect the break.Understand that what you want and he and honestly recognize how your desires are the same.

Step 3: Restore relationships

After the break must be at least two months.And no matter how hard it was - no contact!Focus on steps 1 and 2 then the time will pass very quickly.But two months later (if you did not create a new relationship), you can, for example, to send a letter to the former, or CMC, or even call itself and calmly ask, how are you.During the conversation and find the opportunity to offer both a drink of coffee.When you finally meet ... remember step 2 and do it!