Tick ​​bites: symptoms and consequences

How can you protect yourself from ticks?For those who are sent into the woods for a long time, the best means of prevention is vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis.To help protect yourself from tick and clothes: if a person dressed correctly, a tick to the skin does not get.Wear pants and a jacket, and a headdress.Pants need to fill in socks, shirt buttoned all the buttons and dress pants, cuffs should fit snugly to the body.A suitable clothes for a walk in the woods - a jacket or coat with a hood that protects the head and neck.It is also recommended to use different means of deterrent - repellent, they moisten with cuffs, collars cuffs.Repellents and sold in stores, pharmacies.After leaving the forest you need to carefully examine themselves and their clothes.Mite can be brought home and on the jacket.The mite can move and with a bouquet of flowers and mushrooms, and berries, hide in the dog's coat that was with you.

Mites feel human for 10-15 meters.Therefore, along the paths they are always

more than the depths of the forest.Attached ticks can only be in certain places.He is looking thin skin (behind the ears, under the breasts, around the neck in the crook of the elbow, groin, around the waist).Bite him like the eyes - is located in the center of a dark spot, and then follow the white circle around the edges and rashes.Tick ​​bite should be especially wary of the end of May until early July, when they are most active.But there is a possibility of cases of the tick bite and September.Infection begins acutely: fever, a headache, pain in the muscles of the shoulder girdle and neck.In addition, the patient may be nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, sweating.They start to hurt your eyes, can bore harsh sounds.Body temperature in the initial stage of the disease can rise to 38 ° C.It can only be cured using specific antibiotics.Ticks can not fly, but can rise through the bushes, high grass up to 1.5-2 meters, and successfully plan a gust of wind, guided by the smell of humans or animals.

What to do if you find a tick?

tick bite and the consequences of his symptoms for each person different, if you have already seen it, then you need to immediately fill it with oil.But even in this position, he will sit for a long time, thus highlighting the infected saliva.Therefore, it is best to immediately remove the tick.Try first to pull his fingers.If this fails, then tie the abdomen tick strong thread and pull it.In this case, under the skin may remain proboscis mite.Pull it is very difficult, so do not even try.It is enough to fill the affected area with iodine.In any case be sure to seek medical attention for the introduction protivokleschevoy gamma globulin.Removing the tick can not push, because along with its contents in the microcracks and the skin may get the virus.Therefore, you need to burn an insect, but it is better to take him to a special lab for analysis.If a tick infected will, in this case, the victim should be seen by a doctor, an infectious disease specialist.

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