We both are not free, office romance is brewing

Various studies suggest that workers do not see anything wrong in flirting on the job, but management often fears that office passion adversely affect the performance and the atmosphere in the team.Most often romantic relationships at work are short-lived and rarely end in a serious relationship and marriage, especially if one or both of the contestants of this novel have already been married.

novel format "boss - subordinate" - the most common option and hopeless love relationships.Very rarely these relationships end in marriage.And very often after a breakup slave forced to lay off.

Before entering into such a hopeless relationship, you need to think twice and realize all the disadvantages of these relations, as well as the possible troubles that they may entail.Firstly, in most cases, the chief married, and if his wife finds out, she not only did not accept the fact that she has a rival, but may complicate the life of the opponent.Second, if the chief focus will switch to another employee, then the

first lady can suddenly get laid off.Third, subordinates who had an affair with the boss, becomes a victim of gossip and condemnation, if the forbidden relationship will become available to the public office.A breach may result in the collapse of a career for submission.

To Head also has its disadvantages in that situation.If it is an affair with a subordinate, he can never be completely sure of the sincerity of her feelings, and sometimes he would emerge the idea that the slave just wants to move up the career ladder.

sometimes vice versa - in the format of relations, "the boss - subordinate."In these respects, too many pitfalls.The woman will suspect that perhaps a man uses it for its own purposes.The supervisor may lose credibility.And, of course, again, there is a risk for a career.

also common office romances between colleagues.Here are a few all the easier, as there is a romantic relationship among equals.But it is not without its challenges.Firstly, it may suffer workflow.Second, these relations are often condemned authorities if it becomes known about the affair.On how the authorities would react to the news of your office romances, and depends on your career, and your career partner.

Even your colleagues not miss the opportunity to gossip and gossip about you, condemn you, especially when one of you is married.Colleagues may not be "wash dirty linen in public" (although people are different), but the fact that you and every detail of your relationship will be a topic for idle talk and gossip, it's definitely because everything in sight.And, of course, you will be condemned.After all, in fact, you do not have office romance just two free people, you - lovers, because there are still legitimate halves who cheat, which varies.Most office romances will sooner or later become public, even if you have the relationship strenuously trying to hide.

In addition, the team is not always, but sometimes you can find some moralist or a foe, who considers it his duty to inform the service about the forbidden romance lawful husband or wife.

There are other disadvantages of such links.If you are not parted in the best way, both of you will have to pay heavy and tranquility.For example, you split up with the scandal.What it would be to see each other the whole week, every day for 8 hours to see anger in the eyes of each other?And sometimes, a former passion can also begin to avenge something to gossip about you, spread rumors, try to ruin your career and so on.The scandals, intrigues, rumors of trouble, the list goes on and on.And you will be hard and the boss is unlikely to enjoy.

Some even prefer to leave when they begin such problems with former lovers.It is better to maintain a reputation, get a good recommendation and find another decent job, rather than wait until the situation escalated to the limit.The scandalous behavior and violation of work discipline very undermine your reputation in the eyes of his superiors and colleagues, and the recommendation then it may not be very good.Why such a problem?Office Romance - close relationship neurosis.And what if this could be the work?Rarely, a person can successfully combine and office romance, and high productivity.

If both of you are not free people, why do you need these difficulties?The problems are both at work and at home, and in his personal life.Even if the temptation is great, it is better to stay, do not walk on the edge, is not worth risking your family and work, because the exposure is quite real.And, as already mentioned, most office romances end in parting, but not a serious relationship and marriage.It is safer to give up this futile connection.Why create imagine the complexity of where you spend 8 hours a day?

All this can be avoided, if not to seek adventure and correctly and to behave professionally at work, do not let emotions and fleeting desires to take over your mind and common sense.You have to think about the consequences.

In addition, when the office romance and caused all the trouble behind them, most people regret that the general began to "cool tricks" in the workplace.

We both are not free, office romance is brewing ... How to be?Be reasonable, weigh "pros" and "cons", think about what kinds of problems can arise because of the affair at work, as well as the pain that can cause so close to people.Be happy!

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