Social and psychological health of low-income families

On what does the social and psychological health of low-income families?What is its status, especially the differences between low-income families, and how does the lack of material means to the man and his family?To answer these questions, there have been a lot of testing and research, discussed various psychological portraits of such family.Now we have a lot of facts, data, theories and statistics, we can surely make portraits of these families, their features.

first consider the causes of trouble in the family.It can comprehend them as suddenly as a result of some personal reasons, to unforeseen situations occur sequentially or, more likely.Financial security is dependent on payment of a certain type of work, which is occupied by the individual, his personal abilities to build career skills be added their goals and focus on them to make progress.The way people move up the career ladder, it also depends on the setting of priorities, the impact of society and the environment in which there is a certai

n individual.We are able to imagine and carry out some parallels to understand the above said: a man undoubtedly influenced by his friends, colleagues and, above all, the family, the parents.If they were not able to work and set priorities to the side of a long honest little paid work, then there is a very high probability that the child acquires the same values, and its further life and career will be promoted, "according to plan" of his parents.

considering social reasons, it is also important to note that the material status is very dependent on the situation in the country, its material level, the opportunities it provides to its citizens.

The unemployment rate is also considered important.No wonder young students choosing a future profession, primarily guided by a guarantee against unemployment.All this is a consequence of fear and economic condition of the country, because there is reason to believe that the unemployment rate in our country is going to rejuvenate.

Point poverty report is a living wage.If incomes below it - is considered a low-income family.The cost of living includes the cost of basic food items, which are important for the health, as well as the cost of utilities and charges.From this we see that low-income families are constantly guided by the question of meeting their basic needs in search of how to feed a family, to raise children, to buy at least some clothes, pay for electricity, water and gas ... This implies a lot of problems and personalcharacter.

First, individuals from low-income family separates itself from the rest of society and the world.This is in comparison with the concerns of the poor and well-to-individual, their outer face of.A needy family members separate themselves from others, go to the little contact with them.This leads in most cases to a mild form of autism, and more often - low self-esteem, which also affects the ways of man's struggle with his condition.

Second, the parent preoccupied with the nature of the material continues to move away from their children.His desire on their own to overcome the difficulties and problems leads to that parent in some way dismissive of the family and the education of their children.They, in turn, suffer from lack of attention, love, affection and care.They begin to feel abandoned, unwanted, and the realization that they can help nothing makes their condition even more tragic.An interesting fact is the fact that before the parents do not allow their children to work, encouraging them to study, and considering that to make - it's only up to them.But over time, and even more so in today's world, more and more teenagers earn their own and their parents just cheer for it.

Even some of the important characteristics of low-income families will be to blame their misfortunes of others.They act like prosecutors in the state of rage and rejection of the world.Moreover, those who have tried to change their state, but failed in its plans, very afraid to take risks again.From their position of the most simple solution is to abstract and to take a position of rejection of the world.These families are struggling with their difficulties.

An important feature is the lack of initiative, passivity and inability to set goals and achieve them.Often triggered inertia motives, these people will work best in their field and earn a penny, than to look at the market and offer new risk, which they are very afraid.Their

It follows that the social and psychological health of low-income families at a very low level.These people take a passive stance throughout.Remember that the apathetic attitude to work, the children leads to apathy towards life.Sometimes it is necessary to reflect and revise their actions, not to direct their aggression to the surrounding society, ak actions, in order to do the best to his family.

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