Relations between close relatives

And we are not immune to contradictory, complex and intricate kinship?Relations between close relatives - an important topic of the day today.

Just the facts

Alas, but otherwise seems to not work - willy-nilly, we find ourselves caught up in the conflict between fathers and sons, daughters-in-law ... And how could it be otherwise?If we are so worried about the fate of the heroes of the television series, the bride's son too - it's just an inexhaustible subject for endless emotions, tears, prophecy and disputes.Sad statistics: more than 60% of marriages fall apart without the involvement of mother-tesch, zolovok and Devereaux, but the leaders, of course, mom.Mothers of the bride and mother of the bride, that is-in-law and mother in law.This they hammered these percentages between his krovinochku and "this" or "this" who came from a stranger charter in their quiet and settled "monastery".

Wisdom senior

Have a happy family, where relatives of the couple, even if they are not too fond of the acqui

red "daughter" or "son", that is respected and considered their opinions.In principle, this is quite enough, but how to come to this equilibrium?We are always waiting for the wisdom and justice of those who are older.Psychologists believe: in families where the future mother-in from the very beginning not to get into his child relationship with the opposite sex, and pursued a policy of sensitive surveillance, then there is no intrigue, ugly quarrels and conflicts.And not just because smart moms and their children after marriage were "indifferent" to their lives, but because they guide the actions of their child on track.I fell in love, for example, the son of a girl that nor what positions are not satisfied with his or her parents.And what makes shrewd mother?She starts to open struggle - in this case it is not just useless, but also dangerous: in his son woke up rebellious spirit, he would do everything contrary to the wishes and the will of the parents, and the situation gets out of their control.A far-sighted parent, first of all, trying to talk peace with his son and find out his plans.And at the same time properly to express their views on the situation.Options for the development of further developments are only two: either synulya share my mother's beliefs, or does not agree.And then we must understand that it is useless to continue to fight, will have to reckon with his choice and his other half.You want happiness for your child?

Peaceful coexistence

But the march of Mendelssohn played, and there was severe everyday life.Since mothers of adult children begin to occur metamorphosis: if before they dreamed about making marriage their child was happy and long, after registration in the registry office 70% in-law begin to hope for an early termination of the alliance.About to give his zhenivshemusya grew up and "baby" to plan their own destiny, and often it is not.Well, yes, he's still so small and trusting!Family quarrels and feuds might lead very far.And the young wife should think about how not to bring the situation to the point of absurdity, that is, before the divorce.You need to find out what actually manages in-law, and apply appropriate tactics.

Species diversity

in-law or mother-in-law if - the dictator and considers it his duty to observe and analyze every moment of family life of his child, it is better to establish the boundaries of the relationship, making it clear that such an intrusive intervention does not suit you.At first, the relationship could be exacerbated, but then they will take you to a comfortable level and character.If the mother of your husband for a minute does not leave to care for their precious everywhere sticks his nose, just try not to be offended.Take note thanked her.Fortunately, this mother is usually easy to dose, it is greedy for flattery and accept at face value the assurances of love and indispensability.There is another option: his mother is constantly complaining about the lack of pro- bots on your side, it's always something hurts, and the "ambulance" on duty at her door.This is a typical emotional blackmail, and you lose if it immediately succumbed.With such a "mother" to behave calmly and strictly.As with the child.Otherwise, you can drown in a sea of ​​tears and her spoil relations with his own spouse, who is convinced that his mother can not lie.There are in-law - a kind of "adventurers" in the lives of their daughters.They dig in their bags and drawers, eavesdrop on phone conversations, and carefully studying the color of dirt on outdoor shoes.To deal with them practically impossible, they will become more cautious and more dangerous for your family union.It makes sense in an ironic form tell about it to her husband, who probably knows about her mother's eccentricities.

Be kinder

Well, the future spouses, who together with his loved ones become more and a whole bunch of his relatives, it may be advisable to be more reserved and kind.Write a simple, hard to do.It's hard to love someone else's mother, who you can not stand.But even the dog stops barking up a tree that is just swinging in the wind.That wobble, not hearing or feeling of what to hear and do not want to feel.Go away from unpleasant conversation, do not say words that can destroy what you have built with so much love.And no matter how many years you may be, be smarter and fairer.Jealous husband to his mother - a dead end.Therefore, allow it to love him with all the strength, and themselves remained his one and only, remembering that night cuckoo always perekukuet day.Fractures related to himself his "new mom" and become her allies, this is easy to do, just do not claim to be its sacred place in his life, but not to allow its territory.

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