Husband and wife: Common hobbies

After conducting surveys, it became known that the majority of people includes television, in order to be able to relax and time to distract yourself from something.Psychophysiology confirms the fact that the direct time watching TV is really tension subsides, but as soon as we turned off, everything is back to normal, and even exceeds the initial level to some extent.

And it is not surprising the fact, unfortunately, it is the fact that in family relationships over time, there is a degradation of the husband and wife grow apart, because they lose their emotional connection.For once in our lives we have heard or seen something that the couple watching television in different rooms or alternately.They do not even have a common favorite show or movie, not to mention the other common hobbies.Very rare family when two loving people together watching the transfer, then discussing them.This is one of the connecting factors in family relationships.For a husband and wife should have common hobbies.

But this fact can not help to solve another important problem of how to use the free time in the family.After all, in the testimony of research, it became known that the occupation is not only a moral but also physical activity belongs only three out of ten respondents, while four respondents is not typical, even from time to time.

Reduced motor activity is a threat, as the physical health and psychological.This fact is so troubled the minds of the world that, thanks to the World Health Organization launched a campaign, which promotes the idea of ​​movement for the sake of health.After all, a lot of different directions doctors said that just the most common physical activity and the ability to communicate with nature and has the most powerful antidepressants as married, so for the whole life.Those spouses, who together make such trips, about family quarrels and scandals often only hear from other people.

on activities such as the joint roller skating, horseback riding, skiing, practicing water, mountain hiking, and of course you need to allocate far more funds than just a walk in the park or fishing.But their value to themselves of family relationships simply indescribable.And if you have a teenager in the family, such family hobbies help to cope with teenage problems more quickly and efficiently.

partner dance in the West - is the most popular family hobby.Young couple more easily transfer the so-called "grinding" in relationships and couples who have lived for decades together in an environment relive those feelings is the first honeymoon.

Communication with pets is the most powerful anti-depressant, after the above-mentioned activities related to physical activity.Numerous studies show that it is an opportunity to express their concern with regard to anyone, including pets, is among the main reasons that make life worth living.

considering the theme of "husband and wife: Common hobbies", we can underline another very favorable circumstances, a positive effect on a family atmosphere.That factor is the family games, which include not only sports.

For example, American families attend special workshops, where they can properly choose the game that suits their family above all others.Psychologists have identified an interesting point that all people need to learn to play.This applies to both children and adults, because children are not able, and adults do not know how to do it.After all, any hobbies should be a push.Here's just such training couples and get them.

Another variant of the family leisure is visiting museums.But, unfortunately, every year Statistics couples who make family trips to museums of any type, more reduced.Respondents who participated in one study, admitted that only ten percent of them in the last five years, visited the museum.A seventy percent of those surveyed said they would like to instill in their children a love of art, but not enough time for it.

Still couples do not need to dwell on this issue, the issue of common interests.Of course, do not forget about it.Each family member, in addition to the total, should have its own individual, private interests.For example, training in boxing for a woman - this is not quite what she had dreamed of, or exercise belly dance for men - to say the least not what the doctor ordered.

Of course, if her husband went fishing or hunting, and the wife stays at home and is engaged in cleaning, it is not particularly beneficial effect on family relationships.Must be the husband and wife common hobbies, otherwise they will soon get bored of this difference.But if it is at this time go to the gym or drawing, the level of harmony and peace of mind in the family is guaranteed to rise.