The betrayal of the beloved, mistrust

One gets the feeling that all women and men go through life together, just not to go one by one.Everyone chooses a mate who is more suited to him, and everyone lives their lives, men change behind women and swear in person that they love, and never betray, give expensive gifts, women say that they love, smiles, hugs, and gentlykiss, but at heart still can not believe it.

- Of course, there is always a chance that a man will go to the left, they do not feed bread just give chest fourth the size of the ears and legs.Every man can change, it is in their genes already laid - said the bun.- But every man will be there, where it is warm and cozy, where it has a native woman.They are invaders, the more women they will win, the better, the steeper they feel.

- And I do not believe the men - said the director of the salon.- We live with him for many years, and I admit the idea that he can change me, or have changed, but somehow I calmly refer to this.

- That you for so many years together, you love him?

- Yes, of course I do, then why be together, if not to love?

- If you like, you have to trust your man.Is not it?Love is based on trust.

- Love is largely based on, not only on trust.For sex, for support on communicating.As Gulko said all men can change.Can.It is possible that not all change, there are exceptions, but these exceptions little.That he did not do, which would not have been and who would not, he always comes to me, because we had a lot of years, and he knows that with me it provided support and warmth in his old age, he knows coming homewhat to expect delicious food, so it is not going anywhere.

- And yet I believe in the bright love, and I know that my boyfriend I would not change because he loves me - I naively said that did not go unnoticed.

- Oh, come on baby, all the guys cables.Gulko correct to say that they do not feed bread, give a fourth dimension, and you are still naive to believe that you do not change.If you do not change, it does not mean that you do not change.

- Well, you're a cruel, Lida - I was offended, and we continued to work.The day passed, and I thought of the words of Lida.Betrayal - that pushes men to take this step?Is it a feeling of a conqueror on horseback with a spear, and behind the woman in chains.A man such all proud and brave, and women on the face of the charity says.This was my idea of ​​treason men.

and I imagined that my man can change, and immediately dismissed the idea.What kind of nonsense?I can not imagine that he could somehow change me, He loves me so much, and he knows I love him, but the situations are different, but I can not imagine that he could do this to me.Yet, after this conversation I do not work very comfortable.And yet, they do not know my boyfriend, and our relationship, so they can be wrong, and who gave them the right to judge.Everyone loves its own way, everyone has their own truth.

meet after work, I had a very big hug, then I looked into his eyes.In them, I saw only love for me, his eyes full of love for me.After such a spectacle would be cowardly of me to think that he can change me.I have become more confident in the fact that he did not even think about it.Yes, men look towards the long-legged and busty beauties high, but they are more akin to the one who is always with him.But that does not mean to change the look, these little pranks allowed.

He brought me home, wait until I get out of the shower, fed me and put him to bed.Covered me with a blanket, he said "I love you," and went to work.I closed my eyes and fell asleep sweetly.Thereafter forgot all the words Lida suspicion crumbled, and again my heart is filled with love.Many may simply envy tell a lot of superfluous and thus hurt the feelings of a man in love, or simply by his endless failures.The main thing to believe in his heart.

Is not this happiness, this is not love when a man harboring a blanket and wish you sweet dreams.Maybe someone could think that he could stay with me, but he's at work.And not to say the other girls, whatever the relationship, I will always know that my true love, and I have it on anything and anyone not change it.

morning was awakened by the smell of coffee.Someone rattled in the kitchen.Brother was my mother on vacation, so he just could not, and it is especially in the kitchen and did not like to spend time alone in despair.I had a day off and I was in no hurry to get up.

- Malyyyysh ... I know you're not sleeping - shorkatsya slippers my favorite in my direction, and the smell of coffee was becoming more fragrant.In response, I only moaned with pleasure that I have it, and morning coffee.And here he was in sight with a cup of coffee in one hand and a sandwich in the other hand.Tray I did not have, and so as the movie did not happen.Gently smacking my forehead and handed a cup of coffee, he rode back to the kitchen, and from this I concluded that we need a tray.

- I'll buy a tray - I called him in the trail.

- I love you - he added is not the topic, but it is an expression of our relationship has always been a thread.

- I love you too - I still cried.

turned out, he went back to the kitchen for his cup of coffee, and I promised myself that I would buy a tray.I hope he will not stop wearing my coffee in bed after purchase.Then he got me into bed and we sat and drank coffee and watched telly.I had a day off, and I had planned to stay at home with him.The planned holiday with your loved ones.The two-day weekend, the window is fluffy snow, and at home in the arms of a loved one is so cozy and warm.Not for the wealth of the Earth, I would not trade those arms.

After seeing three movies, eating all the sandwiches, hush up all cushions, at last it was evening.We have gathered together the Christmas tree and decorate it.And then, opening the wine, we sat by the window in the big chair wrapped in a blanket and watched the large flakes of snow as they lay gently on the balcony railing.We talked about the future, we have long talked about marriage and children.

- I'll marry you in three years, when I finish university.

- Well, you're the little things, let alone over ten years - laughed at my words, my favorite.- But seriously, - he dropped to his knees in front of me, and then I shuddered - I want you to be my wife soon began to wake up next to me.I love you ... - and he's got somewhere box, opened it, and there lay a condom - and here I whinnied in the truest sense of the word.What I loved it, it's because he is any romantic moment could turn into a sense of humor, and I was on the romantic moments cringe as the current in the 220Volt.I hugged him and kissed him, and your ear to say "yes."

And so, the proposal was made, the key word was said, and we sat, drinking wine, and further plans for the future and take a look out the window.Snow already has stopped, but the wind drove them through the air.Many girls do not believe guys, nor his, nor those of others, I do not believe it.But having met him, I believed him irrevocably and irreversibly.It was a joy - to sit with a loved one who made the proposal, securing it in place with a diamond ring condom.Yes, I love him and is willing to live with him the rest of his life.Can anyone, and anyone and changes, but in the choice I was sure a hundred percent, and I knew that he did not give under any circumstances.

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