Husband and wife: responsibilities to each other

But what actually can happen something with that?The newly made husband tried so hard to help his wife, and washed the dishes, vacuum cleaner, and, sometimes, it can be seen even wash your own socks.And the wife is happy with her husband something tasty, clean all to shine, smoothes shirt.But what had become something of the spirit of diligence?Perhaps they have become accustomed to each other and no longer see the need to do for each other nice things to impress each other?Why do something to prove?Everyone had their own problems and difficulties, so that once already to help each other.

When a person begins to think only of yourself, take for granted that the other person does.Only here's the thing, no one in the family owes nothing.On this planet, no one is born to scrub the floors, iron a shirt for days and not to deviate from the plate.And when you realize that it is valued and respected, only if there is enthusiasm for these actions.Many do not understand why you need a person to praise and appre

ciate his actions.But if you think about this question, it ceases to understand that each person is doubly pleasant to do anything if it was praised and encouraged.

a shame ceases when taking for granted the work and the time that the couple give each other.After all, you need only a good word, and often do not get that approval, on the contrary, reproach about something undone.Well-known fact that you get used to the good.After all your hard work and efforts are taken for granted, and further relations are reduced to resentment, recriminations and scandals.Is it hard to man before to reproach his wife something undone, does not know the reason for this?Perhaps she needs help?Maybe she was tired of the daily routine affairs that have no end in sight?After all, she's alive, she had no batteries, which can be changed from the old to the new.

We are not saying that the duty of women to be removed from her shoulders and encourage you to what you need clearly defined responsibilities of husband and barter with each other.Just want to say that women need to understand and respect from men.

Female enthusiasm for the domestic sphere is lost for the very reason that the husband ceases to thank her for the service or action, she commits to him.Whether you're cooking dinner or doing a request to bring a glass of water.Men are all taken for granted, and are beginning to demand sleep reproaches and manipulation.Sometimes it comes up even blackmail.Then her husband gets a plate of "why I got married," or "you are not the mistress."It is simply an insult, because it turns out that your husband is confused notion of "woman" and "the housekeeper."But so politely interviewed, and then say "thank you."And the woman around you will flit like a butterfly.

Marriage implies a relationship not "men" and "Housewives" and the union of husband and wife, who are interested in each other and they enjoy family life.Naturally, from the everyday problems they can not escape, but the only question is how to resolve them.Some people may soon agree on who is responsible for what.You can even create a family statute, entitled "Husband and wife: responsibilities to each other."

If a man or a romantic idealist, he from his overflowing emotions and inspiration at first will do for a loved one more than able to do in the future constantly.If a person is selfish, he immediately to dot the "i", and will make it clear that what is and what will you do then, and then that you fail.Altruists also shouldered almost all on their shoulders, because they think they should or even have to do it all.And in general, it is not a burden.But man authoritarian nature will all monitor and control all processes.His opinion is not negotiable, as he said (s), and will be, in any way differently.Introvert will gradually accumulate a certain dissatisfaction that it was not so as to dream.And extroverts will pour out their emotions out, expressing their dissatisfaction with the facility quarrels.

It is very important for the family to not allow domestic problems to eat all the good and beautiful moments, which were at the beginning of the relationship.We must be able to preserve vital interest, optimism, some enthusiasm and vibration, etc.And it does not need to rush to extremes.After all, if one spouse is constantly showing their altruism is nothing else to do but to take advantage of it.Around the need to know when to stop and respect each other.

The family is very important to try to preserve the lightness and tenderness in relationships.After all, when my wife always complains and nags her husband takes offense with or without him, it acts as a stone around his neck.Just like the man who only cares about his own affairs, concerns and does not notice his own and his wife and what she does for their life together.Unfortunately, we do not teach in school or in high school how to build family relationships, to solve everyday problems, or how to create a good psychological atmosphere in the house.And while we do not teach, everyone is trying to do something that took it into his head without thinking about the consequences.

What steps need to be taken to resolve the existing domestic conflict in your family?What to do if you are not satisfied with the distribution of responsibilities in the household questions?Let's look at the model of domestic relations in the family and try to find the answer to your question.

Successful lady and not so successful man

If your family you and your husband swapped in terms of the family breadwinner, so you need to very seriously consider the sharing of domestic responsibilities.You ever lost at work is the main earner to supplement the family budget, but you do not have time for housework.And her husband working day less stressful and a lot less income.But it is not difficult to do the cleaning, and he was happy to cook can eat.


come home you find that your husband cooked dinner, he tried and wanted to please you.So sincerely praise him, let him know that you are very much appreciate his work and care about you.Tell him that he is one in a million, and with him you are very lucky.NOT to make fun on "Housewives", because it is very offended.This is a very deep zasyadet in his soul that will not lead to anything good in your relationship with him.

also very important in your day to cook your signature dish for a loved one.Look after him.Let it still feels like a man in his usual state.Of course, he will be very pleased to understand that you value him for what he does for you all the time, love and care.It will not hurt to think about what you can do herself at home on weekdays.Let it be the same dish washing or laying the baby to sleep, which also contributes to your overall family responsibilities.Of course, the economic dependency of wives of her husband is no good, but also overestimated the material factor in the loss of family relationships, neglect of his duties as wife and mother, is unlikely to serve as your excuse.

housewife and a workaholic

you every day to do housework very hard, and your strength is the limit?So, it's time to talk with your beloved husband of the distribution of household chores.Naturally, you will need to take into account the fact that your spouse and so hard working outside the home.This means sharing household chores is exactly half unreasonable and unattainable for him.


Most men believe that once they get tired, and wife-housewife - no.

After all, they were at work, perform different tasks and guarantee management, and the wives stayed at home.And that means that come from work, the man has every right to a delicious dinner and rest front of the TV.

Your request for assistance in the form of sharing of domestic responsibilities should be set out on paper with clear arguments and plans.It will be half the success in your negotiations with the husband.Most importantly, do not need to put it before the fact, or exert pressure on it.Here we must take into account the tone of your voice and your attitude.Presented this information with a positive, easy, unobtrusive.Show husband that you are willing to compromise, and not tuned to the war.Try to tell your man that you want him to have something done.If it is for him will not be difficult, he will definitely go to meet you and will respond to your request.But no need to enter your spouse into operation.We need to appreciate his efforts and be grateful for the committed action.You as a wife, it is important to try to adhere to the balance in the matters that you do for each other.Just do not exploit it.

wife - a tireless worker, the husband - lazy cat

You do everything around the house, trying for a family.And your husband is lying on the couch watching television or sitting at the computer, it does not matter.But he'll obviously this annoying, because pretends that if you do not do anything, just that you have such a clean apartment and somewhere took the tablecloth Samobranka.


Perhaps all men are convinced that the direct responsibility of women - to cook to eat.But, as we know, no one owes nothing to.Therefore, you can offer your husband cook something by yourself or with you.Even if after that you will need to wash the kitchen.

males hate scandals and try to avoid them in any way.If you have a brewing conflict on the basis of non-separated household responsibilities, define the essence of disagreements.You may need to make concessions or to swap jobs with each other, if the husband does not want to clean the floors or dust, then let him offer a job that for him at least napryazhno and humiliating.

matter entrusted to the husband must be completely under his responsibility.Even if you are instructed him to make the bin, be patient, do not miss it and make the most.Just kindly remind him of his request and let him do it on their own.

When your husband will fulfill the task entrusted to him, and you would like it to happen again in the future, you need to rapidly respond to the outcome in any particular way or something.Osypte its many compliments, it integrally, throw on the neck, feed him a favorite dish.And he enjoyed more than once will help you in the future.

«unwary dragonfly" and "thrifty ant»

Sometimes it happens that the wife is not always in a hurry to do household chores.They talk all the time on the phone with friends, sit for hours in the beauty salon, doing shopping, etc.A husband is trying unsuccessfully to point out that you need to take care not only of his beloved, but also the family.


We must have a serious talk with his wife.Record specific chores to be performed by it, it will indicate the seriousness of your intentions.Then, in a serious discussion to present them to it for consideration.Next you need to be patient and slowly help her is that she got used to his new duties.By distributing your chores, guided by the fact that you are able to do better, and that his wife does best.Or anyone that likes to do.Make sure that your wife's duties were not your back, do not be tempted to do that is to make your spouse.Sometimes it happens that she can something not be able to do, then you need to teach it, otherwise time and again you will hear her excuses.

As the wife of a husband and wife, the husband should praise and reward for work done, give her attentions.Nurture it a habit to do everything yourself, trust it more difficult tasks than those to which she was accustomed.Be sure to mark its efforts and achievements for the benefit of the family.These actions will serve some pushing mechanism, the incentive to carry out further duties.


you both, in general, able to agree with each other.And you know that household chores should be possible to divide in half.Of course, it happens, and so that is very much want to shift their responsibilities on the shoulders of a loved one.Some of you will do so again, and the second will get used to this state of affairs.


The family wife could at the time to take on the duties of her husband, for example, at the time of her husband's illness, was overwhelmed at work, helping the mother with the housework, etc.Similarly, a spouse could temporarily add to his duties responsibilities of spouses, for example, at the time of her pregnancy, or while she was sitting with a young child.

But time is running out and regain your obligations taken no hurry.Probably not even going.This means that the time has come when to apply radical changes to the allocation of responsibilities.We need to talk with your partner, indicate the reasons for which your husband or wife should once again become the owners of their household tasks.If a person tries to remove himself from them for another time, without apparent reason, it is necessary to use concrete and conclusive action.

example, flatly refuse to wash socks husband or removal of the bin.Then he will understand that it has to do it and instead accumulated three garbage bags will not make one.You can do with cooking.You know that my wife comes home from work, waiting for the dinner cook you enter it that you prepared the last time, and today her turn.You will have to wait for it - work hard, but this way, you save her from the hope that someone would cook for her when her turn came.Naturally, it is possible and even necessary sometimes to go to each other to make concessions, especially if you ask for it.But it is very important to ensure that these concessions were not playing one of the gates and went in a systematic mode.

A man is not made for work Babskii

In many families, responsibilities are divided into exclusively male and exclusively male.In such families, the husband in the belief that his wife needed help takes a lot of time, energy and effort.All requests are perceived with hostility.As a result, the wife is exhausted from the stress and responsibilities section needs to be changed.


Men have a little secret.Each of them needs to be fit necessary in a particular case.That is the secret of this and should use their wives with family ties of such a plan.Convince him that no one better than he could cope with the butchering a chicken carcass, especially because he's so strong and you quickly will help in this matter.And in general, at all times, it is a man's job was butchering and preparation of meat.Let your spouse feel warrior-earner.

Or, for example, to bring home food from the market.Such a fragile and gentle woman just need a man's shoulder.Women are generally contraindicated Takao gravity, and your spouse is much hardier and stronger than you, for it is a piece of cake.For any help her husband should be encouraged to praise and thank.


On average, a household in the town house takes about 3-5 hours a day.Occupation household chores in a childless family is about 4 hours, and in a family with a child - sometimes 6 hours.Along with this, of course he is caring for a child.And this is the care often falls entirely on the shoulders of the mother.

Countless studies point to interesting facts related to the professional activities of women.When a woman gets to work, she spends to perform household chores at 40-60% less time than non-working women.This is not because the reduced volume of work performed by them, but because of their limited duration.Not bad, if at the same time a woman has helpers in the people of husband and children.But if there is no?

Smooth mode of life creates a greater load on the human psyche, which in turn can cause a nervous exhaustion.There is a constant feeling of fatigue.You should always find time for rest and full of sleep.Resort to using home equipment, home electronics that will help you get the job done faster and easier.

very important to the family to distribute the responsibilities of housekeeping.Unfortunately, the majority of families live by the principle, where all the things in the household performs mother, and all the other family members do not perceive them as their own direct responsibilities, but as a small help her.

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