Search Man aged 10-13 years

meet with a guy very easily, most importantly do not be shy only.Find for yourself some hobbies, interests.It will definitely help you in the future when dealing with your new friend.Search Man aged 10-13 years is best to base it on common interests.After all, as they say the same hobbies bring people together.First of all pay attention to boys who surround you in your everyday life.For example, in school, in the courtyard, in the circle, where you go.By the way, the latter is the best way to find the boy.Then you and the common interests and Think almost every day.Yes, and no small advantage in your direction will be, what you can always help each other.

You just beginning to ask, "And what did the guy should be in 10-13 years?And that fits your understanding of "normal guy"? ".Here, I think the guys are over 15 years old you just do not fit.If he is older than nothing good will come of it.In the boys very different views on a friendship with the girl and the older it is, the harder you have with him.

Do not forget that you are still not as mature as it seems to you.And the main purpose of your Relationship - a friendship, communication, joint trips and help each other in anything.So, at this age it is best to start with the friendly relations between you and the boy.By the way and under 10-13 (depending on how much you are currently), look for a guy is not worth it.Remember that the girls in this age of development is much faster than that of boys.So you will just be interesting to communicate, as you will have completely different perception of the world.So, let's still go back to the question that you should ask itself.Let's think together, and so, a normal guy, is first and foremost an intelligent, "cool" (for you and your friends), active and sociable boy and at the same time, always modest.Brazen you guys your age do not need.In general, if your answer is so, then you should look for another building on these qualities of his character.

As I said in the beginning, try to look for a guy, guided by the similarity of your common interests with them.It brings together and makes very entertaining pastime.After all, you have one thing in common, for which both of you will know this or that kind of enthusiasm.If you do not have to attend any clubs.Do not worry.Direct your search a little guy in a different way - as often as possible attends school discos and other activities that your school lives.So you razznakomishsya as best as possible with the guys from the parallel that you're not even really noticed before.And as the saying goes: do not know - you do not understand.So, look, suddenly among them, and there's your prince.Just you, at this stage it is not yet noticed.If you are one hundred percent sure that school guys - this is not your and your main desire is to find a boy who has no relation to your school life.Then the guy really should look elsewhere.For example, take a girlfriend, and go for a walk with her on the playground or on the beach.Join the guys play in anything (volleyball, tennis, maybe even football) and start up the conversation itself, you do not even notice how you will be a new one and, moreover, not one.It will only have to choose the right one that you have to taste.Your peers will appreciate the boys, what are you active, sociable and cheerful person.And most importantly, in this situation, never be afraid of a post and ask the boy, like his name, and whether it is possible to join the game.

Also, you can use the Internet.By the way, in our time, the Internet open spaces filled with a variety of sites designed especially for singles where you can find a guy just by his age category.Also be sure not to forget to register on the various social networks (eg VK).I am sure that there you will meet a lot of single guys who are absolutely not against it, to talk with you.Change phone numbers, and do not forget appointments in real life.More guys - more choice.Do not forget about it.You want to find the best guy.So do not be afraid to touch the boys, while you can, enjoy it.Boys, by the way are more susceptible to meet the request of the girls.So do not worry about what you have anything that can not happen.The main thing is whether, behave naturally and openly.At the meeting always comes with a smile and good humor.Remember your age required.Tell us as much as possible about themselves and learn from a guy about it, it will help you both get to know each other better.

Summing up all the above written, I will say that familiarity with boys aged 10-13 years - it is not too problematic, such familiarity may even turn into a relationship.The main thing to be able to express themselves with the positive side, that he became interested in you.But here we should not forget the fact that you are still ahead.Why rush things before you this time.If you do, sooner or later she will like soar like it, he would find an excuse to meet you, so do not rush.All in good time.Then I have no doubt that in your question about dating a guy, you all will be advised to learn.And you seriously learn yet still have time to say goodbye to childhood.More than once fall in love and be loved.But it was not there and that would be, you are not decided, I hope you will in any case and age, you will find a good boy.