Medicinal properties of shark liver oil

Shark fishing - fishing is a very dangerous and not always profitable.
resulting perishable meat and liver - right from the first minute after slaughter.Shark skin on his strength is not inferior to cowhide, with a great dressing get shagreen skin.Originally from slaughtered carcasses produced fertilizer.
Content of vitamin A shark liver, many times greater than cod liver.Vitamin A stimulates growth, increases resistance to infections, colds and respiratory infections.
squalene contained in shark liver oil, is used to treat skin diseases, heart and vascular diseases, gynecological, respiratory diseases, burns.In the future, it is expected that by using shark liver oil are achieved tremendous results in the fight against such enemies of man, far more dangerous than a shark, like cancer and heart disease.With oil shark liver get rid of all kinds of scars.

For pains in the joints and rheumatism shark oil - an indispensable tool.At the use of shark oil passes cough.
Squalene - a natural antibiotic, ampic

illin-like, but it has a stronger effect and does not cause side effects.Squalene is able to destroy many kinds of fungi and bacteria.Application of shark liver oil helps to normalize the function of the spinal cord and bone marrow, promotes the excretion of uric acid from the joints, strengthens bones, promotes the formation of white blood cells.
complex of vitamins A, E, D strengthens bones, prevents the formation of tumors, and the presence of fatty acids helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, prevents venous congestion.Furthermore, the presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids in shark liver oil reduces the incidence of diabetes, atherosclerosis, contributes to the normalization of blood pressure, angina and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, facilitates the passage of normal metabolic processes in pregnant women.

World statistics show that the most common causes of death are malignant tumors (cancer), cardiovascular and viral diseases.And all of the non-compliance with diet, poor quality of food, water and a huge lack of oxygen.The human body contains up to 65 percent oxygen.Therefore, its lack primarily affects the heart.Lack of oxygen affects the oxidation processes that lead to the formation of malignant tumors.When oxygen deficiency occurs regeneration of brain cells and nerve fibers, which ultimately can lead to hypoxia.
squalene contained in shark liver oil, as a result of a chemical reaction with water saturates our body with oxygen, and therefore energy.To resist diseases, our bodies need a strong immune system.And in order to work properly the immune system - a constant supply of oxygen.The solution is squalene contained in shark liver oil.

In modern conditions of life there is a shortage of clean water and air, high-grade products that do not contain nitrates and pesticides.Therefore, our body gradually acquires and builds up toxins.Hence, cervical osteochondrosis, headaches, pain in the joints and muscles.As the slagging of the body increases and ailments.The body begins to resist, seeks to throw out the dirt, there are a variety of allergic reactions.Medications taken by shark liver oil, help where traditional medicine is powerless even.And Hippocrates was right when he said, "the physician treats but nature heals!»
shark liver oil is used to treat benign tumors and precancerous conditions such as erosion of the cervix, breast, fibroids.It is necessary to take the children and the elderly who are prone to frequent infectious chronic diseases, people with high intoxication (smokers, alcoholics, and others.), People of heavy physical labor, and after surgeries and stress.

As a preventive measure to enhance immunity is recommended for all, as well as diseases related to the immune system - asthma, allergies, psoriasis, arthritis, AIDS.Thanks to its strong plastic properties Squalene gives silky and elastic skin, prevents wrinkles, helps to smooth them, skin confers resistance to ultraviolet rays.We hope that the medicinal properties of shark liver oil to help you stay young and beautiful!