Indian soap nuts

Fruits are great soapberry to wash any dirt, and unlike powders chemical production, soap nuts do not damage the fabric.They are safe for delicate fabrics with colorful patterns, because the effect of nuts very carefully.When washing nuts soapberry tissue softened just as if they had washed with conditioner, air conditioning.Fruits soapberry, having antibacterial action, are used for washing dishes, cleaning the jewelry, they are, by the way, you can, if desired, and wash your head.In general, not a nut, but a universal soldier environmental front.

These amazing properties have soap nuts because they contain up to 38% saponites.This material from the discharge of plant glycosides.With stirring and agitation to form a water-resistant dense foam capable of dissolving grease.

No modern mistress, of course, is not now, as if she had lived without the washing machine with automatic drive.But importers contend that the soapberry fruit can be used in such machine, just to scratch the drum nuts need to sew in

a linen bag.

The foregoing does not limit the useful properties of soap nuts.The plant is used in the manufacture of certain pharmaceutical drugs.It is used in cosmetics for the treatment of skin diseases.A Thai beauty in general treated their hair loss.

should not, perhaps, to say that sapindaceae berries in no way do not harm the environment and do not poison the waste water harmful elements.Soap nuts - a great natural alternative to the usual for us household toxic chemicals.

Indian soap nuts.

At home cashew nuts called SoapNut .The word consists of two English words: nut (walnut) and soap (soap).Also called SoapBerry, that is angiyski means nothing other than "a soap berry".Berries Indian soap trees contain saponites - natural substances capable of forming foam.They are fully able to decompose under the influence of the environment.That is why the soap berries considered an excellent alternative to detergents, soaps, shampoos and other synthetic detergents.

Fruits are called "Indian soap nuts", but, nevertheless, they grow not only in India.They can be found in Pakistan, and Nepal, and other countries with a similar climate.By the way, the quality of soap nuts does not depend on where they are grown, and the conditions of cultivation, storage and collection, but also, of course, on the variety.

Soap nuts: how to use them?

When washing. Soap nuts are fairly easy to cope with stains from ketchup, herbs, and other hard materials displayed, but, of course, wine stains from blood and they are not able to withdraw.They will not whiten and thing, so when washing soap nuts, you first need to soak in bleach blond thing, and then wash.Wherein the temperature should be about 95 degrees.Heavily soiled fabric can be soaked in salt or soda in cold water.

When washing dishes.Using extract soap nuts help make clean the dishes with a very bold bloom.As you know, tea and coffee mugs with difficult to clean, but using ordinary soap berries and sponge it would be pretty easy to do.So just to wash and any other utensils with any contamination.

Soap berries can be used in the dishwasher.We just need to put the 6 shells into the compartment designed for dishes.Then you can wash cutlery, as usual.By the way, at the same time you will not need to use a rinse aid.

for hygiene reasons. Soap nuts are great effect on hair and skin.That is why many cosmetic companies use extracts of soap berries as part of their medical cosmetics.

extracts soap nuts help make hair thick, shiny, docile.And if you use soap berries constantly, you can forget about hair loss and dandruff.Extract these nuts can be used in the same way as conventional shampoos.

When caring for ambient flora. Extract soap nuts (grade "Helaplant") can be sprayed and indoor plants to protect them from pests and provide moisture.This extract can serve as an excellent fertilizer for the land.

When caring for pets.Nuts this class ("Helaplant") can help to care for and pets.With soap berry extract little creatures forget about allergies to shampoos and parasites.The extract will help soften water and washing will not irritate your animals: swimming will take a much quieter and more pleasant.

When pest control. saponites have unique properties - they are able to kill pests and insects.Due to this, an extract of soap nuts can easily replace any chemical disinfectant.It can even be used in the control of cockroaches and fleas.He will fight with mosquitoes.We just need to pick up and spray means for the window frame.Going out into the street, you can extract this sponge oneself, and you will become completely uninteresting for any mosquito.The extract will help amateur gardeners: it can be used to declare a real war pests.They can spray the bushes and trees, and no aphids are already not settle.

for treatment. soap nuts are used as an emetic and expectorant.They help in case of problems with migraines, chlorosis, epilepsy, salivation.Modern medical studies have proven that saponites able to stop the growth of tumors.Proponents of Ayurveda nuts used in the fight against psoriasis, eczema and ... freckles.Extract soap berries comes in many cleansers and shampoos.They have insecticidal properties, which allows using it to combat lice.

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