How to strengthen the health of women after 45 years

This time frightens many women, because at this time there are significant changes throughout the female body, but the main changes relate to the reproductive system.Mainly this is due to changes in hormonal levels of female genital gormonov- estrogen production that decreases at this age.Nature is so laid that at this age ends with the reproductive function of most women, the ovaries, "finished their work" and stop menstruation.Now, the main function of women to protect already existing offspring and not to give birth.

hormones is generally very interesting "creation" because they have "representatives" in almost all organs and tissues.That is why their influence is so great for the whole woman's body.That decrease in estrogen leads to the formation of the so-called menopause.The main components, which eto- depression, hot flashes, sweating, irritability, insomnia, rapid heart palpitations, mood swings, fatigue.

In addition, there are other age-related changes, most of which flows also not without es

trogen.It - bone fragility, sensitivity to salt and water retention, respectively, as a result - swelling, increase blood cholesterol and how sledstvie- changes in blood pressure, problems in urinary system (urinary incontinence, various inflammatory processes), change in weight, the risk of cancer tumorsalso increases with age.

What to do?How to help women during this difficult period of time?I propose to put all on the shelves and to discuss how to strengthen the health of women after 45 years:

1. Calm down and take your age and all the changes, for granted. It is a natural process, and it will all pass.Soothing drink of tea with lemon balm.

2. Regular and mandatory visits to doctors. First, let's define what doctors and how often you need to visit a woman after 45 years:

  • gynecologists, should be visited at least once every six months, thus it is necessary to talk about everything that bothers you, until the headache.Be sure to hand over analyzes on hormones.
  • cardiologist every six months to do a cardiogram.
  • mammology every six months to do mammograms and monthly breast self-feel.
  • therapist.
  • Gastroenterology.

It should also be remembered that any illness in the future, can develop into a serious illness, so do not delay the treatment.

3. diet .This is one of the main points, as excess weight and lead to cardiovascular diseases, and gastrointestinal diseases, and an increase in pressure.Furthermore, obese people are more prone to diabetes.As you know, with age lose muscle activity and, consequently, muscle mass, and its place is taken by adipose tissue.

What is the diet:

  • Reduce consumption of flour and sweet dishes.If the intake of starchy foods, most of us tolerate normal, from the sweet, many can not refuse.In this case, it is recommended to replace the sugar with honey or dried fruit, as you can eat marshmallows, but not more than 2-3 a day.
  • eat more iron and calcium, as in menopause quickly lose their body.In no case should not give up meat.His rule at this age is about 80-100 grams per day.Meat is rich in iron.You should not reject the dairy sources of calcium.But in this and in the other case, to reduce their fat content.
  • Reduce salt intake, excessive use of which leads to edema.
  • It is advisable to replace coffee with green tea.
  • On - the possibility of replacing butter, mayonnaise, ketchup and other sauces, vegetable or olive oil.
  • once a week to arrange a fasting day.Not bad for one day sit on the yogurt and apples.
  • Do not forget about fruit, especially apples helpful.
  • sure to take vitamins, it is desirable to match the age, but it can be a vitamin-mineral complex.

4. Sports .In this age, you can do yoga, kallonetikoy or other sports, but do not overestimate your strength.In this case, we are not going to set records, but just want to prevent muscle atrophy and fat swim.

5. Intimate life .Love should be dealt with on a regular basis, because menopause most women increased sexual activity, getting pregnant is almost impossible, but some of the problems in the menopause syndrome can be avoided because of the regular sexual life.

6. appearance. At this age, do not forget about the skin, it becomes dry and, therefore, requires regular hydration and nutrition.Moreover, now many cosmetic companies manufacture products according to age.Do not forget about the hair, regular visits to the hairdresser also welcome.

7. Sport. Many women after 45 years, opened a new talent, someone starts to write poetry, someone takes up an easel, someone - just takes a dances.It is not necessary and you will give up his "desires".After 45 -Life has just begun!

We looked at how to strengthen the health of women after 45 years.Dear women, remember that you are beautiful at any age.In all periods of life you need to seek out only the positive aspects, and everything will be fine!It is hoped that nothing found tips to help you overcome a little trouble associated with this age, and keep the love of life and to his beloved!

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