Influence of colors on human health

Art floroterapii reappeared in Southeast Asia for a long time.Floroterapiya - treatment of cut fresh flowers.In ancient times, people's judges and doctors already knew that, depending on the internal state of a person depends on how he looks at the world around us.When emotional pain and suffering, the world will seem washed out and gray, but it's worth it to get rid of this condition, as once the world becomes light and bright.Oriental sages, for example, believe that if a man around to harmonize the space, then his emotional problems will recede, and after the disease completely disappear.Since it is believed that the flowers are part of the universe, which is the energy system, as they accumulate the energy of its growth, but it is necessary to disrupt or cut them they immediately give it to the outside world, thus making space harmonious and balanced.East experts believe that stress - is a violation of the energy balance in the body.And the effect of colors is able to normalize the balance, with the

excess energy they take this excess, and if lack of energy make up thus aligned the energy state of the patient.

Individually flower and plant has a special individual energy, so before starting to treat a patient, you must first determine what kind of flower you want is that person.Defines a doctor-floroterapevt, but also by the possible use by the general principles floroterapii.

Treatment with colors technique

Begin treatment, usually with a single flower, is the first stage of treatment.Since the flowers that have blossomed, provide a powerful energy flow, changing the space, it is best to cut more tight buds, then the effect will be gradual, as the energy weakened man needs a gradual recovery.Basic information about the world we receive through the senses, sight, smell, hearing, touch, and in fact received information this is our energy.Therefore, a single flower is enough to "power key" to open the "door" into the inner world of man.

Flowers are chosen depending on diseases and disorders.For example, if a person has broken psycho-emotional sphere, then they are assigned a white flower with a very mild flavor.In diseases of somatic appoint red flower with a faint scent, or no scent.And if human health struck infectious diseases, then prescribe a yellow flower with a strong odor, possibly with colorful splashes and any shades.It is believed that the warm tones directly related to the energy of the body, while the cool colors are associated with the energy of our head.

Flower put the patient at a distance of a meter.The flower can be placed in the bedroom if the patient most of the time in bed.The patient, in any case, should keep the flower in a field of vision: to look after blooming, and then for fading petals.If after that the patient's condition did not improve, it is necessary to put a flower.It is not necessary to type of flower was the same, it is important that the flower was the same color as the previous one.

bouquet of flowers - this is the second stage of treatment.You can pick up a flower arrangement with the background - with a few large leaves or more branches.Floral bouquet gives the energy flow, and as soon as the patient is "open" to it immediately enters the flow of energy.Selects bouquet patient himself.The doctor will bring the patient as many flowers as it is ready to pay, and will be watching for what color and what type of flowers the patient chooses.According to choose the color, the specialist will be able to understand whether the patient's condition has changed for the better, or if it remains unchanged.

If the patient began to treat the flowers of white color, and he picks flowers with white, blue, violet shade, it can be concluded that his condition began to improve.Well, if he chooses the yellow, orange, red, maroon flowers, it is the opposite.Normalization of psycho-emotional sphere will be expressed in the pursuit of cool, calm shades, while the excited people will choose the warm bright colors.If the patient began to treat red flower, then his recovery will be supported by a choice of colors with warm and bright colors.

Next specialist bouquet composition draws conclusions about how the impact on human health of colors was positive and how to successfully pass the healing process."Right" Flowers added, and "wrong" are removed.

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