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Aries - the original leaders are born to be masters in their territory if they did not obey anyone.Such animals are very independent, they oppose the domination of other animals in the house, do not tolerate restrictions (for example, lead) and not easy to get used to them.So cats and dogs need a strong and domineering character host who would be their leader.If properly educate these pets, they become true friends and loyal defenders.Their main advantage - they are extremely clever.For example proved that dogs are much faster than other Aries brethren begin to understand human speech.

Taureans are very lazy and do not always eat away.That's why you need to carefully monitor their diet and weight.Côte Taurus loves to sleep, climbed into the most comfortable seats in the house.Not averse to it and lie down where the host sleeps.Taurus do not like too bright light, they like soft music and soft toys.Another clear sign of a pet, born under this sign is obstinacy.At the same time such animals like communic

ation, affection and gentle treatment.They are ready for tasty forget all past grievances.Taurus gets along with almost all other animals in the house.

Twins - these pets have an inexhaustible vitality.They may attract the attention of visitors, fun entertain the hosts.Such animals are always smart, they have well developed memory and intelligence.And cats and dogs Twins overly curious, because that makes a large number of minor mischief.Often he himself is hurting, they often fall into the problematic situation.

Crawfish zodiac sign - is very nervous and sensitive animals.They see the owner as a member of his family - his love, require attention, offended and jealous irrepressible.If the owner is angry at the dog-cancer, it can be very frustrating, and even seriously ill.The cat-Cancer usually is nocturnal, its behavior affects the phase of the moon.These cats are not aggressive, shy and timid.This pet is always very attached to his master and gentle with him.He is a trusted friend until the last days of his life.

Animals Lions distinguished nobility.This is evident in virtually every their movement.A special grace and elegance of different cat and lions.They are known for their arrogance and leadership qualities, but at the same time, these pets are very friendly and sociable.Strangers with Leo need to be vigilant, not challenge it, do not rub the wrong way.But Leo takes care of the children: an adult dog can be safely trusted with the baby.

Virgin.These animals are very cleanly with sometimes excessive demands on hygiene.If other animals tend to wriggle out of water treatment, the animal Deva always happy to take a bath.Virgin played a lot, they do it most of the day.The owners need to be very careful about food, since animals Virgo prone to allergies.Their diet is necessary to think, maybe even a diet - it will protect the animal from health problems.

most balanced character different pets Libra.They are self-sufficient and are always ready to be alone, so if you are told the circumstances.Pets love the attention of the mark owner, but do not worry, if he is unable at this time to give him his favorite.If a pet knows that he is loved, that it will be ready just to be near the man.Cats Libra most complaisant and rational, beautiful and discreet.Dogs Libra is also affectionate, but their love for the people will not allow them to become true guards.

Animals scorpion always give others a good mood.At the same time they are extremely capricious and love to enjoy the solitude.Poor co-exist with other animals in the house.Mutual aggression in them generates resentment, and often vent anger Scorpions on their hosts.Given this, owners should think, and whether you want to have another pet in addition to the Scorpion.Animals of this sign are very attached to the home, they are always to satisfy its owners.In the dog-Scorpio can always rely on, because it has a developed intuition and feels the approach of danger.

Sagittarius is full of energy, at the same time has a balanced character and good nature.However, this animal is very unfortunate, and because of their curious and clumsiness constantly gets into ridiculous situations.Often the nature of the host begins to be transmitted and pet, over the years the animal host copies manner.Animals born on the sign of Sagittarius, good-natured and cheerful.This will be the favorite to be old delight you with their optimism.Sagittarians are good to get along with other animals, you probably will not need to worry that roommates will not be able to get along.

Capricorn - the animal pretty stubborn.Pet of the mark will never sit quietly on his hands if he himself did not want to.Cats, Capricorns like to sleep more than others, they are pessimistic about the world around.Animals Capricorn has obvious features of the owner - it recognizes only its place, chooses "their" clothes and toys.If a family has children, Capricorns are excellent for them now, because they do not like to be alone.

Animal Aquarius - real individualists.For example, cats are very temperamental, which complicates their education.They often do what the owners do not like: where you can not climb and play with what comes their way.At the same time they have qualities such as friendliness and the mind.Aquarians can feel the mood of the inhabitants of the home and are able in time to distract them from the sad thoughts.

most vulnerable and emotional animals are the sign of Pisces.These pets often impulsive and throughout dependent on the host that is especially true for cats.Animal Fish are not too demanding: either to his corner, not to food or to the play, although they like consistency at home.When you move to a new location the owner you have to be special attention to your pet to this event does not become something tragic for the animal.Dog-Fish is light training and a love of music.

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