10 ways to make a guy jealous

  1. The first way - the color: the most popular but also the most effective.You can act in different ways, depending on availability of time and resources.If so, and quite another - send beautiful bouquets herself by courier.Do not forget to leave a bouquet card with the text "the most beautiful of women," or any other in the same spirit.Do not be afraid to go too far, then the brighter - the better.It can be easier to act - before you go home, buy myself a bouquet or a beautiful flower.Here, the card is not required, instead work your good mysterious appearance, mumbling and slightly embarrassed at the question, "Where flowers?" Or reckless and cheerful "So familiar has presented."Almost every man starts to fidget on the site and calculate, for who this "case."Even if you do not live together, there is certainly a way to show bouquets.Most importantly, it was not a one-off event.Show imagination, should not be limited by the same variety of colors.Even if you can afford only one flower, buy different ever
    y time.Let your boyfriend sees some extraordinary beau got to you.
  2. If you already live together, begin to linger in the evenings.This method works particularly well if you used different exemplary behavior and appeared as a bayonet home in the same time.If you live in different apartments, just try to give up a few times on the evening meetings, referring to employment.You can tell about a lot of cases at work, especially if the male staff.Only in the evening did not come home tired, but rather cheerful and contented life.Tell me about what a great movie you watched, deciding to give up in the movie, instead of working late.You can tell us about the new cafe in which you ran to brighten up a meeting.Do not say directly what makeup you go, but find the opportunity to subtly mention about Sergei, who this fellow, this resourceful - offered to go to a cafe / cinema.Puzzled your nightly man will notice the absence of even a slight mention of Sergei, who somehow instead spends the evening with you.
  3. Modern technology will also help you in the difficult task to cause jealousy in your guy.Almost every mobile phone has a button "Fake Call", when clicked, the phone starts ringing, and the call goes to an indefinite number.If this is not possible - Use the services of a brother, a friend at last.Let them call you when you're next to her boyfriend.But do not forget to rename this contact in your phone number in some "Sergei, Mazda."Just in case your guy decides to independently verify who is calling you.However, it is better not to scatter the phone anywhere, jealous may decide to call Sergei and find out everything about his Mazda.It will not be very nice if at the end of the answer is not someone else, but your best friend Lena.Try to show all their acting talent.In conversation with the mythical Sergei whether mysterious, speak in a low voice, said that you are not comfortable to speak now, but do not forget cute giggle.The main thing is not to overdo it, especially if your boyfriend is different violent temper.When the stop - it's up to you.
  4. It may be useful not only a phone, but also the computer.I hope you use e-mail?Even if not, do not worry.Especially noticeable is the fact that you have got himself a box.Especially good if you have one computer for two, then the chances are that he spotted your new hobby increase.If you have your laptop - will have to leave open the nose of Man.The monitor should be a letter.Your to "Sergei" or "Sergei '' to you - she resolutely.Do not be lazy to get a separate pre-box "Sergei."To show their literary talent, organize a small conversation.Even if you live separately, connect to the Internet on your phone and write letters directly with his eyes at the guy.In its natural question "What are you doing?" Answer that you need to quickly respond to the letter, and then the person would be offended or anything else that will cause further inquiries.
  5. safest and subtle way - to change your hairstyle, makeup, clothing style.If you are always running around in sneakers and jeans, start to wear shoes with heels, short skirts and romantic dress, use make-up and new accessories.Do some shopping, it's so nice, but at the same time, your boyfriend necessarily interested in what caused the change of image.Answer him something mysterious about the fact that men like feminine person that you have a romantic mood that you just suddenly wanted to.If you and always in high heels and dresses, just change the dress code: wear strict dress - buy frivolous, followed by a romantic style - get dressed in the style of a vamp.It should also change your hairstyle.Such updating is always a magical effect on a woman, giving confidence.But what about if the guy did not even notice the magic change?Just think whether you need such a careless and callous?
  6. Furthermore appearance can also change suddenly tastes and preferences.You've always hated the pool?This is the best game!Moreover, Sergei magically plays in it and great teaching.A bowling alley?And why did you used to be that the need to wear those awful shoes and nails poking holes in the heavy ball - it's awful?Sergei loves bowling and believes that you have a real talent for the game.And so interesting to go hiking with tents!Or kayaking!And running around in the woods in the morning.And do not you hate forest and mosquitoes.Very interesting it is, that Sergei constantly running / walking and hiking.New passions necessarily cause the question - where is it?Who taught?And then there is very out of place, "Sergei."
  7. talkative suitable for the method of "reference to Sergei."Use it must be delicately and carefully, so as not to look deliberate.From time to time, but often enough, is mentioned in the case of a fellow Sergei.Maybe your boyfriend smokes, and Sergei is not?Or Serge great drivers.Or Sergei best versed in computers.Or Sergei says that the crabs are delicious.And Sergei advised to go to the Dominican Republic - there are gorgeous beaches.And in general, Serge - your most valuable employee (best student).It is only natural that the ideal Sergei cause irritation and Sea issues, why are you not admire her boyfriend, and Sergei strangers?Just be careful.Excessive frequency references can cause an adverse reaction, "Well, go to your Seryozha," and it is in this case unnecessary.
  8. Sergei is the best, we have already found.For example, he is the best repairing computers.And your just broke.If you break down "just" a computer does not want to break into it something herself.Most importantly, this "something" should be irrelevant.Just not very daring any desired program.Namely, it is urgent, you urgently need.Here, you can complain to the guy on bad luck.It is, of course, offer you to fix it.But how can you be trusted to fix the computer, who are not well versed in it?Of course, it is necessary to call Sergei.He's on the best cope with such things.Most likely, the guy himself will fix your computer, without Sergei, but take note.
  9. If no "Sergei" you do not like, try to do a little blood - his own mysterious and romantic views.Try to look scattered, wistful, dreamy and very happy life.That he inadvertently thought it was because of him, add a couple of vague statements hinting at a change in your life, head talking about accidents and fateful encounters.Especially well this method works along with flowers and later delays at work.Keep in mind, for the pachyderms are not suitable at all.
  10. Finally, if your guy completely ignore all your mystique, and the mythical "Serge" does not believe, use the antiquated method - open flirting with another man in front of him.The most obvious method, but also the most dangerous, because the reaction can be unpredictable.

Now you know 10 ways to make a guy jealous.Only you yourself can choose the appropriate way, because no one better than you knows your boyfriend and his possible reaction.But remember that the best way to regain a sense - not jealousy, but affection and love.

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