What can you give the guy a Muslim?

In fact, the options can be a great many - the main thing to find in your town is a place where such gifts can be purchased.However, if such a shop in the afternoon with fire you will not find, try to order your desired products online.So, what can you give the guy a Muslim?



Muslim guy can give something of Islamic symbols: something that looks like a crescent-shaped or half-moon with a star, preferably green.This can be a suspension or a green box, which you can decorate a wall or hang the machine.You can give the flag to some Islamic countries, for example, Turkey or Iran, Syria or Saudi Arabia.You can buy a sticker with a picture sura of the Koran, some words in Arabic, beautiful mosques and the same flag.You can find a sticker with a picture and brush, which shows an index finger upwards - where only God dwells.


No, bowls - it's not Utensils, this special perfumery, widespread in Islamic circles.Most often it is used Misk Muslim men.The essence of the bowl in that

it contains no alcohol in the composition.There is a huge range of fragrances, you can choose something to your taste - mumulmaninu guy will love your gift.

rug for ritual prayer

can give to her boyfriend and a rug for prayer - this gift will mean that you respect his religion - he will appreciate it.Rugs, there are many, of all sizes and materials.Small mats are intended for children, and the soft and airy - for the elderly.Better not skimp on quality carpet for prayer, if you want a guy used it during prayer.

should know that if there is a mat embroidery depicting Islamic shrine, the Muslims will hardly stand on his feet - he probably just hide it.If you can - buy mat with cover for those who love to travel.

Rosary (tasbeeh)

Rosary there in abundance.They differ in material manufacturing (can be wood, metal, plastic, ivory), various colors, shapes and volumes.Number of grains strictly established: or 11 or 33 or 99. With both ends decorated with beads and tassels thread.Before you buy your favorite beads, check - whether the thread is strong, does not crumble if the rosary in prayer?

stand Quran

The house of every Muslim is a sacred spot where a place of honor is the Koran.You can buy in the store itself and the Holy Book, but you should know that there are certain rules for handling this publication violate that you have no right.But the stand - it.It looks like a small wooden desk, which is lavishly decorated with themed ornaments.
Islamic calendar

If you give the guy a Muslim big wall calendar, which will be placed all the upcoming schedule this year prayers, the gift of such a price is not due to its utility and aesthetics.There is tear calendars, which houses important information for every Muslim.

Cards for Muslims

Muslims have many holidays, each of which you can buy themed postcard.For example, to congratulate a guy with such an event as the Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.However, to find a really beautiful cards with Muslim festivals is hard enough - it is necessary to use the Internet, although in this case it is possible to run into a not very good quality.

Things Housing

What can you give the guy a Muslim? Carpets

As for prayer rugs, carpets and differ in size and quality and, of course, the price.A good carpet will be quite expensive, however, as the warming thought that this gift will decorate your house for a Man!Come to the choice responsibly, choose carpet with ornamental pattern, warm colors.You can also buy several floor cushions, because in the house of a Muslim is very like to sit on the floor.There trapeznichayut Muslims and so beautiful cushions are welcome.
Ware vase, box ...

Utensils made in Arab countries, different beautiful and rich appearance.On the shelves you can find all the variety of shapes and sizes, colors and patterns.Also surprisingly different and beautifully designed boxes with vases.Often they are richly decorated with stones and ornaments, often craftsmen painted vases beautiful Arabic script.

However, in its effort to make an expensive gift and you can go the allowed line.Do not give Muslims the gold, because their religion does not allow them to live in such a luxury and eating utensils of gold.

Watch calling for prayer

They are called with a clock azan - call for namaz.As you know, a gift that is very appropriate and rational, and very nice for every Muslim.He can personally adjust the clock or use ready-made program - and never be late for prayers.You can buy a conventional watch, and you can order a multifunctional mechanism that will not only set the precise schedule of long prayers, and you can even read the verses and surahs when you want it.


All Muslims masculine feel great attraction to arms, especially the cold of his mind.For example, what a Muslim does not have to like a beautiful knife or cutlass, sword, or a sharp sword, bow and arrow or a crossbow old?Walk into any gun shop, you can easily choose something for her boyfriend.In addition, here you can buy some beautiful and unusual sheath or instrument for sharpening knives.


Skullcap or cap prayer

You probably know that the skull-cap or hat that Muslim men are required to wear at least during prayer, are the guys much success, they are commonly used in everyday dress.They are dense, virtually leak air, have a clear form and is usually decorated with rich ornamental embroidery according to Kant.They are selected because they are inexpensive and easy to wear everyday, in addition, the wealth of colors and embroidery skullcap lets you choose to your taste.Typically, such caps are knitted cotton (wool can also be used).

male costume of Sunnah for a Muslim

Just note that the free access to such a suit is not easy to find.What kind of clothes is she?Costume of the Sunnah is composed of two parts: this wide loose trousers and long shirt covering the ankle.To suit approached her future owner, it is necessary to remove the pre-birthday all the necessary measurements.

If you did not find this kind of Muslim clothing and decided to give the guy a Muslim is something else that he could wear, you need to know that religion obliges all believers to cover their knees, as one of the most vulnerable places.Therefore shorts, as you know, disappear.

Hofy, or leather socks

Why man leather socks?Muslim immediately respond to you, to the road leg does not defile the dust and dirt, as a Muslim legs must be kept clean at all times.If you know the size of the legs of her boyfriend - buy hofy you do not make much effort.Such a gift is practical: it will last long service to his master, as hofy not designed for everyday wear.

Ring for Man

not peculiar to women craving for accessories, a Muslim man may like rings, so if you know about this passion of her boyfriend - can safely go to a jewelry store to find the right ring.Just remember one thing: gold can not buy in any case.Everything else will come up.If you find a ring with the image of the Islamic character - your gift will be even more heart guy.

Here are the most interesting options for the gifts that you can please her boyfriend for any occasion.It takes him a double pleasure: firstly, so you pay tribute to his religion, and secondly, it just warms the soul with its warmth and caring, pleasant surprises.

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