The first date with a guy, how to behave?

All day you live only one thought: "My God!The first date with a guy, how to behave, what to wear, what to say? ".Immediately we advise you to calm down and recover.If today you will be nervous the night before and sleep badly - tomorrow you will malosimpatichnye dark circles under the eyes, which certainly you do not decorate.So think about their appearance and get yourself together.Today, you must surround only a slight excitement about the upcoming event.

first date - the most important thing, it is this meeting largely decides - whether your relationship future, should you be together, or your meeting - a fatal mistake?Girls tend to slightly exaggerate their feelings: they feel that with this guy they wanted to start a family and live happily ever after.But the guys it's much easier, they are hardly going out on a date, think about what you - the companion of his life.So you have to try hard not to fall in front of him face in the dirt.

can argue long about what to wear on a first date, what hairs

tyle to do than perfume.However, all this - a matter of taste, and that your the guy to whom you go.A much more important question: how to deal with the guy on your first date?How to make the right impression, to prove to him that you are worthy of his attention, and that, by choosing you, he will make win-win?

Our first piece of advice - be confident in yourself and in what you say.You can make mistakes, saying something, but it is necessary to look at the queen.Men feel the women's self-confidence, a girl like them much more than that, sitting opposite, terribly shy.Perhaps someone like these too shy young lady.That all the time just listening nervously crumple in the hands of paper napkins.But much more likely to win the attention of a guy - is to show some initiative, at least to pick up all the threads of conversation.

be interesting interlocutor - is the key to success.Of course, it is clear that not everyone is given the natural sociability, not every girl will be able to inspire some interesting guy.Also, a sense of humor - not even the dignity of every other human being.If you are shy and afraid that the conversation will not go - it is still worth it to try to start.This is better than to be silent and look at the floor.Well, if your guy - a sociable person who can throw an interesting topic, and keep the conversation so that you and found a place in it.Here, again, try to look as confident in his words.Give a man to feel your inner core, but do not go too far - a man in a skirt today very few people interesting.

The first date with a guy, how to behave? If you do not know what topic to start a conversation - remember what your interested in a young man.If you are a little bit "in the subject" - podkinte reasoning any thesis to be interesting to him.And if you're not good at what interested guy, ask him to thematic issues as if want to know about his hobby as much as possible.So you kill two birds at the same time.At first, the conversation will go down in the active channel, which will be very interesting to your friend.In addition, you do not have much to say, there will be time to get rid of shyness and feel with him "in the same plate."A second advantage of this development the conversation is that you not only support the conversation, but also to force him to talk about himself, get to know him.Well, just give the man will - he will talk endlessly about what interested.Besides, he had the pleasant impression of you - because you are seriously interested in his hobby and are willing to listen to his stories for hours!And it is certainly a plus.

next point.Which is worth paying attention to the first date - a glance.Every look that you throw in the direction of a young man to be filled with the feelings that you feel for him.However, direct views exclude at once - so you just give him to understand that he has already won you.But the girl must be a mystery! ... Look at him as if from under the lash firmly, but gently, without delaying it look more than a couple of seconds.Hold it in suspense - let him suffer, guessing: you like it or not.Not too openly advertise their attitude, you become prey for a man interesting, in pursuit of which he is able even to fall in love.

Carefully watch your gestures do not need too emotionally waving his arms and legs, telling some amazing case of life.But to be prim nun also not recommended - all should be the golden mean.If you are too emotional person and just can not do without gestures, try all the same a little self-control.Otherwise, the guy may seem that you are a little unbalanced and nervous person, but who wants to mess with these?

very important and your speech.Moreover, it should be interesting for the semantic content, you must also keep an eye on its purity.Even if the guy to whom you come out on a date, he allows himself a rough little word - it does not mean that you have to meet him, and the use in the conversation every now and profanity.Believe me, many men do not like vulgar ladies who can not put two words together.Easy intelligence, subtle humor and endless fascination - that trumps a woman on any date, you should not forget about it.

And it does not matter what you choose to put on and what to put on graceful legs.The main thing - how you will present yourself.You know, there is an opinion that people - it is also a kind of commodity, the price of the person who sets their manners and behavior.So let's look at a million, and then each man would be honored to translate the first appointment to the status of permanent long relationship!