Nervosa sore feet

during emotional experience of the human body changes occur, which are mainly connected with the expansion and contraction of blood vessels.Reaction to strong emotional experience can be a spasm of cerebral vessels.The reaction may pass, but may develop into a disease, such as arthritis.And it happens for a reason - the brain tells the emotional stress muscles and joints, and then on the nerve endings.Blood vessels that supply them, in turn, respond to stressful situations blood circulation.Stress, continuing a long time can lead to tissue damage of the joint.
Abnormal perfusion leads to a lack of nutrients in the tissue, as well as oxygen.As a result, metabolism slows down.This leads to diseases such as thrombosis, varicose veins, atherosclerosis of the lower extremit


thrombophlebitis - a disease of blood vessels, inflamed vein walls, and a clot is formed.It is necessary at the first sign of the disease to apply to a vascular surgeon.Neuro trauma contribute to atherosclerosis of the lower extremities.It is important to stop this disease at an early stage of development as treatments that can stop the progression of the disease, no.Another disease associated with blood circulation - a varicose vein.To expand the veins causes venous wall weakness and high blood pressure in the veins.There are many ways to treat varicose veins - a mud treatment, herbal medicine, electromagnetic therapy, the use of antibiotics, in some cases, surgery.In all of these diseases require review your diet.Enable the menu more fruits, berries and vegetables: strawberry, cranberry, buckthorn, persimmon, carrots, beets.You must perform gymnastics, play sports: swimming, walking, cycling.Exclude heavy sports: weightlifting, bodybuilding, etc.Varicose veins can not take hot baths, sauna.

People who experience pain in the feet, it is recommended to give up the smoking if they smoke, because nicotine is a major risk factor for vascular ischemia.Especially with such diseases as endarteritis - an inflammation of the inner shells of the arteries.When endarteriite patients experience pain and numbness in the legs that occurs with walking, literally in 50 steps.Man forced to periodically stop to the pain is gone.Treatment shall appoint a vascular surgeon, surgery is sometimes necessary to do angioplasty.

to diseases of the nervous system is the defeat of the sciatic nerve.Man in pain throughout the leg from the heel to the buttocks, feeling "pain cord" on the leg.Also, pain can be "shooting" should see a specialist, it was he who, after the data analysis, will decide what treatment to appoint a surgical or conservative.If there is a nagging pain in the legs and feet, especially in the evening, you should consult a podiatrist.It is necessary to wear comfortable shoes, and to eliminate narrow-heeled shoes.Wear insoles special insoles or that prescribed by a doctor.By joint disease include diseases such as arthritis and osteoarthritis.The person experiences a sharp pain to twist the joints when walking or lying down debt.The pain may be aggravated by weather changes.In this case, you need to consult a rheumatologist should follow a diet, go physical therapy, treatment should be complex.

In all diseases feet should consult experts, it is not necessary to engage in samolecheniem- it can lead to serious consequences.And the main rule in the fight against diseases, "nerves" is to control their emotions.You must understand and accept the reality as it is, enjoy every moment of life, trying to find a solution to any, even complicated situation, lead an active lifestyle with moderate exercise, eat right, timely rest.Flatly refused to bad habits: smoking, overeating, do not abuse alcohol.Since any bad habits hinder the recovery process of vital activity.We must seek to obtain extensive knowledge, as it is in most cases the intellect helps solve complicated situations and, of course, relieve nervous tension.

Now you know what to do if nerves sore feet.

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