Medicinal and magical properties of jadeite

In fact the name of a mineral dates back to the Spanish "kidney stones» ( piedro de iade ), green stone that was used in jewelry and ornamental work.In another mineral called hlormelanitom and imperial jade.

name similar green stone, which was used in carving the Chinese, Europeans spread. And until the middle of the 19th century it became clear that "jade" called two completely different stone that had a similar formulation properties.They were jade and jadeite.

With regard to deposits of jade, it is rarely possible to meet him.In the world of just over ten deposits.In Russia, two of them - in the Urals and in the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

crystal deposit in the Urals ("Puserka") opened Russian geologists in the eighties of the 20th century.It is located in Syum-Kaew where the vein is found living area with dozens of jadeite.

jadeite have excellent texture and coloring, so it is widely used in jewelry for making jewelry.The more transparent and high-quality stone, the higher its


Jade is divided into 3 main types: "Imperial", "Commercial" and "Utility".

«Imperial" is characterized by an emerald-green color, translucent (almost clear), it can be found only veins and separate up to five centimeters.It is used only in jewelry.

«Commercial» characterizes the gray and green color, opacity, it with small spots and streaks.It is quite decorative, so it is used for handicrafts and jewelery trade.

Finally, "Utilities" - a non-homogeneous opaque stone gray or green.It is used mainly in the artefacts.

In ancient times, in Central America, jade was used as a decorative and ceremonial stone.Aztec tribes before the conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards valued jadeite no less gold.In the 14th century jade discovered China, which started to bring stone from Burma.Beautiful items of jade with oriental flavor were created by Chinese masters of stone, figures of people, animals, gods.China is still a leader in the processing of the stone, it is the country bought up most of the raw materials.

Medicinal and magical properties of jadeite

Medicinal properties. have jadeite many healing properties.Firstly, it is believed that it helps in the treatment of kidney disease, it is often so called - "kidney stone".Mineral itself, as such, is not a drug, it merely increases the effect of a drug, prepared mainly vegetable-based.There is a statement that the crystal restores sexual potency and treats infertility. Jadeite, according to oriental medicine, used for correction of the human bioenergy.Jewellery stone of this helps in the treatment of diseases of the circulatory system and normalize pressure.

magical properties. properties are jadeite and magical character.It helps revive confidence man himself, balances the psyche, helps to avoid conflicts, teaching the path of "bloodless" solutions.Beneficial effect on the stone and the personal, family life.He frees the owner of the stone from unnecessary jealousy, distrust, suspicion.Stone prevents the emergence of low-lying thoughts and actions.An invaluable aid when dealing with stone children: the owner of the mineral can easily find a common language with the child of any age.

As for astrology, the jadeite - a stone of Libra and Virgo.Cancers, Scorpio and Pisces are not recommended to wear jewelry with this stone.It is not compatible with jadeite people born under the sign of Capricorn, because the interaction with them can affect their mental activity.

Since ancient times, Stone is a talisman, which is able to influence the nature;with it caused rains stopped drought.Luli tried to "equalize" the weather.It was used for agricultural needs, to increase the harvest. mineral considered a talisman against dark energy, protected from fraudsters, liars, the envious.People believed that a successful conclusion of the transaction it is necessary to keep the stone in his hand and mentally apply to him.

Now the stone is used in alternative medicine as a stabilizer.His are often pregnant.It improves the digestive system and suppresses hunger.

believed that jade is able to protect from lightning, to defeat the enemy.

As an amulet stone used almost six millennia.His worship the people of Turkey, Caucasus, Arab Countries.

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