Medicinal and magical properties dioptase

first transparent crystals of emerald green mistaken for emeralds, small prisms in the sun shone through the bright green and faces flashed sparks of gentle green.But further study found the findings showed that initial impression was deceptive: the mineral, perfect cleavage, low hardness - all scientists say that the stone with real emeralds has nothing to do.

Deposits - State Arizona- Kicked US District;Altyn-Tube (Kazakhstan);near Kopiano (Chile);Tsumeb (Namibia);Shaba (Zaire).

Applications. Collectors appreciate and love dioptase in jewelery it is not used because of its low hardness.

Medicinal and magical properties dioptase

Medicinal properties. mineral can contribute to the healing of wounds, as well as the tightening of external ulcers and internal.Using dioptase as a pendant to help in the treatment of diseases of the throat and upper respiratory tract.Cardiovascular system will brooch with this mineral.

magical properties. believed that dioptase can bring good luck throughout, the e

xception - only a personal human life.Dioptase will set a man on a working mood, will help in making the right decision, activates mental performance.In addition, the view goes, the stone is able to read the thoughts of other people, and then in a dream or in meditation to pass them to his master.Dioptase not allow others to deceive the host to warn him what at first glance, have a fair transaction true intentions.

Do not assume that the stone will help in friendship and love, because it is busy, which improves the financial situation of the owner.However, if dioptase framed in earrings, these earrings will be of a woman, then it will reward its mysterious beauty and charm.And if dioptase is on the pin, and the pin is a man, in the eyes of others a man will look confident and significant.

Students and students can take the assistants in this mineral.Ring with dioptase help the owner to focus on a given issue, and even if he does not know the subject, find the correct answer.And to the owner received a good mark, a stone will tell you what the ticket should pull on the exams.

Aries astrologers advised to have dioptase, as they are prone to fraud and falsehood.Especially useful properties dioptase Virgos are practical and prudent Capricorns.

Talismans and amulets. This stone is considered to be the mascot of businessmen, financiers, students, schoolchildren, economists.It will protect the owner from fraud, detractors, speculators will take the right decisions, eliminate obstacles harming academic or career.