Medicinal and magical properties iolite

iolite crystal structure is a bit like beryl, but from him violet stones has a low density.Iolite that resemble "cat's eye", processed in the form of cabochons.In ancient times, translucent blue jade called cordierite because of their structure, reminiscent of those minerals.

Violet stones distinguished pleochroism, that is the property of having a different color depending on the angle of view - from colorless to deep blue.Jewelers are aware of this feature, so the stone is treated so that the area of ​​the mineral at an angle of 900 to the edges of the prism - only gem does not lose color density.For jewelry and works iolite cordierites mined in India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar, Brazil, Tanzania, England, Greenland, Finland, Canada.In the United States, Iolite can be found in California, South Dakota, New York, Wyoming, New Hampshire.In our country, they were discovered in the XIX century in the Urals, yet they can be found on the Kola Peninsula, in the Altai and Karelia.

Medicinal and magical prope

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Medicinal properties. believed that iolite can treat human diseases of the CNS, such as mental disorders.Violet stone advised enjoy every day, consider the play of color in the light - it will help to relieve tension, get rid of unreasonable fears, obsessions.Those who suffer from insomnia, you should put iolite the bed at night to get rid of this disease and to bring sweet dreams.If you do

Iolite silver frame, they can be decontaminated water to make a drink out of it, which will help to cheer up and spend the day cheerfully and energetically.

magical properties. Iolite find family peacemaker, because he is able to repay the conflict nearly erupted.The stone helps to ignite the passion to preserve the love and loyalty.

Stargazers believe that the properties of iolite mogutt approach any astrological sign, but especially Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

As a talisman or amulet violet stone can protect against enemies, envious and detractors, to establish communication in the team and the family, to curry favor with management, to provide the comforts of home.