Medicinal and magical properties actinolite

main feature of actinolite - is its glassy luster.When you see such a stone, unwittingly come to the conclusion that such a name for it is quite true.

most common extraction of ornamental stone is produced in our country, as well as China, New Zealand, Canada and Africa.

Medicinal and magical properties actinolite

Medicinal properties. Actinolite finds extensive use in the field of alternative medicine lithotherapy.As a rule, most of this mineral is used to treat difficult cases of skin-dermatological diseases.In such cases, the preferred frame for actinolite becomes silver;interacting with it, the stone enhances its beneficial effect on the entire human body.So, experienced professionals and experts in the field of lithotherapy advise people with problems of peeling wear silver rings with actinolite on the right hand on the middle finger.For all who want to get rid of dandruff or hair loss, experts recommend wearing earrings with actinolite.But against zoster, eczema and skin fungus is best will

act bracelets, especially if they are wearing a pair - on both hands at once.

magical properties. Actinolite from ancient times are used in the practice of shamans and occultists, participating in many rites and ritual actions.Thus, African shamans checked by crystals of the stone, says a man the truth or lying.According to ancient belief, they believed that the crystal in his hand a faithful man will begin to shine and sparkle in a sign that said it all - true.If during the trial at the touch of a man accused of some act, the crystal will respond in some other way, it can play a decisive role in decision-making;In this case the judges unanimously agree that a person is lying.

lot of beliefs about the magical properties and there is an actinolite in the sky.There is a popular legend says that the stone is able to learn the fate of his master, and even make it some changes.That is why none of the Chinese did not dare to take home on the road found a thing made of this stone, for fear that the fate of its previous owner may in some way have an effect on it.

But our ancient miners in the Urals, on the contrary believed the discovery of the stone for the great fortune and a sign from above that this man is destined to soon get up and get rich.

actinolite For compatibility with the signs of the zodiac, here its future owner have nothing to fear, actinolite able to get along with any of them.Especially as it will be useful to students, students and scholars, in short, all engaged exclusively intellectual work and research.For them, actinolite will suggest the right solution and the shortest way to fulfill the cherished desire.

However, until now with great fear people dare to give their loved ones ornaments of actinolite, and for good reason.This precious stone can not tolerate when it is presented, lose or give anyone a stranger, even for a time.It is believed that from a donor with a stone may take happiness, peace and success.If you carefully and lovingly refer to this amazing stone in their properties, then there is no reason to worry, he will reward his master handsomely.

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