Properties and application of essential oil of cardamom

homeland cardamom is considered the Malabar coast of India.It grows in India and 80 percent of the global harvest of this plant half of which is exported.

Cardamom from India reached the Middle East and from there through the ancient Romans and Greeks got cardamom and Europe.The ancient Romans and Greeks used cardamom in fruit dishes as a spice and appreciated for its beneficial effects on the human body.

famous physician Hippocrates and cardamom Dioskoriod used as an effective diuretic.It is also used in the treatment of these diseases - paralysis, spasms, epilepsy, heart disease and rheumatism.

In Chinese medicine, cardamom is used to treat intestinal disorders, and it is believed that it can cure all intestinal disorders.

Today Cardamom is cultivated in China, Indonesia, in the tropical regions of America, East Africa, in Sri Lanka.

Extracted essential oils using steam distillation, to take the fruits of the bush cardamom.Fruits of cardamom have a very pleasant specific aroma and taste, which is

a bit like ginger.

In Russian medicine, cardamom and products made from it have been used for centuries and that is why all the healing properties and methods of its application is well studied and tested more than one generation.

Cardamom has long been familiar as an effective tonic and antiseptic that can be used as a stimulant to raise appetite, to improve digestive functions.And not the exception, that is why cardamom is widely used in cooking.

Properties cardamom oil

cardamom essential oil is an effective natural treatment for heartburn, indigestion, stomach bloating, nausea, and other failures of the digestive system.It is believed that inhaling the aroma of cardamom, can be reduced to the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, speed up metabolism and elimination processes in the human body.

Cardamom is used as protection against intestinal and stomach cramps and colic, leading to discomfort and disorders of the digestive system.

In addition, the essential oil of cardamom is a reliable tool that is recommended for colds, flu, laryngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and other more serious diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

And with antiseptic properties, which has oil of cardamom, can contribute to the elimination of contamination and infection.Also, cardamom oil has a tonic and tonic properties that help to reduce the period of rehabilitation after the disease and speed up the overall recovery.

In the old days, it became known that the oil of cardamom has beneficial effects on the psycho-emotional system of the person.

Application cardamom oil

use oil burner, bath or inhalation of cardamom oil will help get rid of irritability, negative thoughts and emotions, anxiety.Eliminate fear, it will give confidence.It is also very effective for the prevention of headaches and migraines, support in perfect condition the physical and emotional tone.Women for the normalization of monthly periodicity, to facilitate the various manifestations of PMS, as well as in the period klimaktichesky often advised cardamom oil.

also cardamom oil has a rather strong analgesic properties, which can be used externally for rheumatic and arthritic joint pain, muscle pain.

to lower the temperature of the body is recommended to use with the addition of inhalation of vapors of essential oil of cardamom.Besides inhalation pairs help to reduce the symptoms of cough, headache, nasal congestion, weakness, poor circulation, i.e. reduce the symptoms of colds.

cardamom oil has been used in cosmetics - a widespread and popular as a means of nutritional and tonic for the skin, which is able to give the skin elasticity and improve the complexion.

Although cardamom oil is not among the very allergenic and toxic, however it should be used with caution.It is not recommended to use all children up to 7 years of age and pregnant women.