The use of essential oil of hyssop

Mediterranean countries are home to hyssop.Widely it grows in the steppe and forest steppe zones of European Russia, as well as in Crimea, Central Asia, the Altai, the Caucasus.It grows on stony ground in the wild.It is cultivated as an ornamental and medicinal plant in gardens and orchards.Hyssop is a honey plant, honey besides the plant to be among the best varieties.

about the medicinal properties of hyssop was known at the time of Hippocrates, who mentioned it in his writings (about 460 - 377 years. BC).Hyssop was used and well-known doctors such as Avicenna (about 980 - 1037), Dioscorides (40 - '90), and many other doctors who were equally famous.

Avicenna in the "Canon of Medicine" describes hyssop as a "hot" loosening and thinning agent.We recommend using hyssop for diluting milk in nursing mothers, constipation, asthma, inflammation of the respiratory system, pleura.Also effective in the "blockage" in the lungs of the elderly population, diseases of the liver to expel pathogenic "matter" of th

e head, in particular epilepsy and memory loss, gynecological diseases, including causing infertility, diseases of the bladderas analgesic, in night blindness in dentistry.Feel the warm nature of hyssop, will not make any of labor, it is enough to chew the leaves of the hyssop, and you will feel the heat in the mouth.

France Carthusians monks created the "elixir of longevity", taken as a basis for many of the herbs and alcohol.And this elixir for its medicinal properties was a huge success.But the holy brothers did not stop, but continued to improve it, and in 1764 appeared "Chartreuse Green" - the famous liqueur.The three fathers of the monastery still kept a secret recipe of herbal infusions, but we know for sure that hyssop entered the major herbs used in the preparation of the infusion.

Get essential oil of hyssop is possible from aerial parts of the plant during flowering (in the inflorescences contained 0, 9-1, 98 per cent in the leaves contain 0, 6-1, 15 per cent).To obtain one kilogram of essential oil of hyssop is required to overtake steam 200 kg of raw material.

essential oil of hyssop in itself contains borneol, geraniol, pinokomfen, thujone, camphene, Ospina, fellandron, P-pinene, tannin, cineole, oleanolic acid, seskviter-foam ursulovuyu acid.In addition, the flowers still contains flavonoid diosmin, issopin which splits into issopinaglikon, rhamnose and glucose.

Infusions of the herb hyssop in Russian folk medicine is recommended for people suffering from vitiligo associated with lung diseases - tracheitis, asthma, laryngitis candidiasis and purulent bronchitis.

Apply infusion and how healing wounds, as a sedative, in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as a mild aphrodisiac.

Infusions are effective and constipation, dyspepsia, anemia.In addition hyssop has emollient properties, it is part of the collection of breast: if you eat it inside will improve the appetite and stimulate digestion.In this its healing properties do not end - hyssop increases the flow of blood, stimulates the function of the medulla oblongata, improves digestion.And that's not all, hyssop essential oil has antiseptic properties due to which it is effectively used in the treatment of tuberculosis, influenza, bronchitis.

hyssop herb is widely used in national medicine as an aphrodisiac slightly.In the form of decoction is advised to apply at bad digestion, pain in the chest, rheumatism, bronchial asthma, upper respiratory tract boat.External application - for gargling and eyewash.

When chest pain and cough, decoction of herbs hyssop boiled with wine berries and take one teaspoon.

To prepare liqueur "Chartreuse" likeronalivochnoe production using grass hyssop.In addition, the herb hyssop pryanovkusovom won a place in the raw material for the production of fish products.In cooking, hyssop also found its application - blossoms and fresh dried leaves are used as a spicy seasoning.

hyssop found their place in cosmetic preparations.

essential oil of hyssop is able to lift the mood, sharpen focus, and it invigorates.It has a tonic and a mild sedative properties, so is used for nervous exhaustion, which can be caused by depression or fatigue.It shows the use of hyssop oil and allergic diseases, low blood pressure, bronchial asthma.

Applications of essential oil of hyssop

The oil burner is used for four to six drops.

Rubbing essential oil of hyssop - ten drops of hyssop oil is well mixed with 20 ml of sunflower oil.It is used in severe cold and bronchitis.It goes well with eucalyptus and thyme.

Hot inhalation using 2 drops.

Baths - from five to ten drops of essential oil, the procedure will take 5-7 minutes.It is used for stress, depression and nervous exhaustion.

Aromatic water hyssop is used in the treatment of gynecological diseases.

Besides aromatic water can be used as a means for body care, oral cavity, nasal mucosa, rectum

Indications for external use - acne, warts, weeping eczema, whites, bruises, wounds, bruises.