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How to clean a steam iron?

Clean iron from scale

Most modern irons have a self-cleaning function.Therefore, when clogging of steam holes in the first place it is necessary to apply.To do this, completely fill the water tank, set the maximum temperature and iron play.Wait until the heating unit until it automatically turns off.Many manufacturers recommend start cleaning only after the second heat of the iron.Therefore, when the unit warms up the second time, it must be disconnected from the network, and is located above the sink or tub, press the self-cleaning.Because the holes on the sole of a high pressure steam should go out with scum.Typically, the evaporation of all water heater iron is not enough, therefore, continuing to hold, shake them to pour the remaining water.Practice shows that in such a good irons feature works quite efficiently.

There are also models of irons, in which the above function is not.Therefore, for a suitable cleaning method.We need to take ovenproof container into which seamlessly fit the iron, put

on the bottom 2 wooden sticks, which put the device so as not to close any one steam hole.Next to the bottom of the container poured a special agent from the scale.Vskipyachivayut water and poured into a container so that it was 2 cm above the soleplate.Leave everything in minute 10. This procedure allows you to effectively clean the iron scale, without damaging the rubber and plastic parts.

deposit cleaning

Most manufacturers have assured that their irons have a sole made of modern materials, and they are not afraid of a problem such as a deposit.The reality is that carbon deposits can occur even in the most advanced models.And this problem is not bypassed and steam irons.To solve this problem there are several ways.

To begin I would like to say that in any case can not be removed by mechanical means a deposit that is a knife or a stiff brush.Such a purification method can destroy not only new, but also the old irons.Therefore it is necessary to use more conservative methods.

Pencil for cleaning. These pencils are designed specifically to address this problem.They can be found in any hardware store.Its operating principle is simple - applied to the sole of a heated iron pencil by melting removes all dirt.However, use it to clean steam irons should be very careful, because the molten material may clog the hole or through it to get inside and cause damage.

vinegar or citric acid. At low degree of fouling may be effective use of citric acid or vinegar.To this end, the surface of the iron to wipe with a cloth dampened with one of these liquids.However, you should definitely exclude hit of acetic acid on the rubber parts that are afraid of contact with her.

soap. surface cleaning method using iron soap is simple and safe to any type of coating.Red-hot sole instrument rub a piece of soap and allowed to complete its cooling.Then, remove the dirt with a damp cloth and wipe the surface with a dry cloth.Hit soap holes should be deleted.