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You have become a mom?

Mom - rookie

main thing - do not panic (yes, talking is easy, I know ...).For his first-born, I did not know how to approach and to be honest, was in despair, but as it happens, that immediately after the hospital we had got to the hospital, where he not only cured my baby, but also taught throughout his inexperienced mother.

advise you to apply to your new status as a profession, and in every profession there are newcomers, and they have much to learn.It is believed that no one better than mother can not know what her baby needs.Allow me, if this is really the case?Let's be frank: at the beginning of moms do a lot of errors, especially in the case of a firstborn.It's also true that most of these "errors of inexperience" not terrible, and, conscious and correcting them, a young mother in the course of learning to properly handle the baby.But it is also true the statement that there are also very important issues in the care of babies who require special attention, because some errors can seriously bac
kfire later.

«Land of the Soviets ...»

course, advice from the oh how will be useful to resort to such assistance necessary, but do not collect them and do not use everything to your child ...

ridiculous to suggest to the young mother,that it should ask the council - they wallow on you in abundance, and from very close, not too close and generally quite distant relatives and friends.Moreover, they often contradict each other.Almost all of us - parents, and, of course, are in full confidence that much in what-what, and in child care we understand.

not let it overwhelm you flow tips with his head!How?Of course, it would be absurd to say that you already know everything, and therefore do not need advice, but still do not hammer your brains numerous "recipes for growing brood" a la your mother-in-law, relatives, cousins ​​and second cousins, sisters andOf course, many friends ... You can get lost ...

Do not hesitate to ask for help

way, help ... To anything to rush to the other extreme - the build of a mother-heroine, and that unaided perfectlycope with everything.How much you do not know and do not know how!And my mother-in-law can really help.

Let's be frank: if there is an assistant that took it on himself even a fraction cares about the kid (to cook a meal or a bottle of pet baby things) - it is for you to become a great help.So do not assert their ambitions, or make mistakes, and in the end - just would bring themselves to exhaustion ... And so you need your chit ...

Be frugal!

foresee a response to these words: wow advice!As if the author did not know that the birth of a baby in itself shakes the entire family budget ?!

And if you talk rationally?Purchase only those things that are really necessary, do not buy up the whole of their parties.At least in the first 2-3 months of looking for an opportunity to save money, to more or less straighten out family budget ...
In no case do not advise to deprive the baby necessities.But ill-conceived purchasing clothes, creams, oils, etc.It will not make you my mother-A student.

Depression?We will fight!

doldrums after birth ... Maybe the problem and you will find not the most important among all the other, sweeping over you head, but in the carousel concerns it is important not to overlook this unpleasant situation and find a way out of the situation.Do not think that this is a trifle, and this malaise is the explanation as there are ways to cope with it.

Ask one of the grandmothers briefly replace you (if you trust my husband - even more so), and take a little walk - shopping with her friends in the barber shop.But it is not more than 3 hours - before the next feeding ...

not ignore his "soul mate»

Here, unfortunately, the most common mistake of young mothers ... which may have quite serious consequences, including for your child.Yes, I know, you feel so tired as never in my life, just at the limit of power, but we should not forget that you - a woman.

you need each other now much higher than before the birth of your child.Sometimes, a baby (frankly, difficult test!) Can lead to the breakdown of marital relations, but in a long list of important things to include another item - try to prevent such a development in your life.

Feeding - no universal way to calm the child and

diaper change, by the way, too ... Some young mothers are in the mistaken belief that their lamentation crumbs caused by two motives: hunger and a full diaper.Sometimes they are familiar, and the third - a sore tummy.But you know, it could be much more, and none of these does not fit!

Learn your baby cries, he is not always the same, it varies depending on what your child complains about at the moment.

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