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Myths about the dangers of smoking

Myth of unloading days

say that you can not smoke constantly.Like, it is useful to arrange fasting days without a cigarette, thereby decreasing the harm from smoking.In fact, these differences should not be allowed!That is, if you already smoke, smoke.Any break followed by smoking inflict more harm than even smoking every day.That is why you need to quit smoking is also "the smart thing."You can not throw a harsh, but if you have already quit - not to go back to smoking or a year or two.

myth about smoking and sports

say that sport and smoking are absolutely incompatible.It is very ambiguous.Maybe on television you see an athlete with a cigarette, and in real life - as much as necessary.What is so drawn athletes smoke?Just because smoking is included in the body of a compensatory mechanism - hemoglobin carries and adds more oxygen than a person smoking.In everyday life it is not noticeable, but at high loads the benefits are obvious.

must be said that the international professional sports

long ago reached the limit of human capabilities.Already no training can not help it expand.In a competition the finish line at the marathon athletes are always waiting for resuscitation team.After all, few people know that the majority of runners-marofonschikov - is disabled with chronic asthma brohialnoy.They can absolutely officially use doping - a drug which includes nicotine.

Myth narrowing of blood vessels due to smoking

Firstly, the vessels are narrowed only if the smoke a lot - more than a pack a day.Second, modern scientists have received the results of studies on the effects of nicotine on our circulatory system, breaking all traditional judgments about nicotine.It turns out that nicotine stimulates circulation only!

In experiments in mice, it was found that nicotine stimulates the restoration of blood vessels and activates the nervous system.One gets the feeling that when taking nicotine mouse feel the energy flow.It is proved that nicotine may also be used for rapid wound healing and effective treatment of diseases tied to poor circulation.Scientists are now trying to find out whether nicotine to help people with serious neurological disorders.

With thick smokers inhale tobacco smoke, and a lot of nutrients and oxygen, and the nicotine acts as a good natural antibiotic.It kills bacteria in the mouth, larynx and lungs - 36 kinds of dangerous pathogens.It is proved that smokers are almost never get sick with herpes lips and face.

Myth of Pollution

The question is, how to smoke.If smoking around clouds of thick smoke, this amateur, transforming wasted valuable product.This smoker deep drags, holding the smoke in the lungs for a long time, which absorbed all the most fragrant ingredients.Correct smoking person more environmentally harmless than even a non-smoker, as consumes half the oxygen.

In general, smoking man is always better adapted to life around.At critical moments in his pocket there are matches in which you can make a fire, to light your way, or keep warm.Smokers no problem if he wants to speak or meet with someone - it is necessary to ask for a cigarette.Therefore, smoking is even recommended for people suffering from natural shyness.