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How to congratulate a man

So what to give?How to congratulate?This question does not have to answer only to those who do not ask advice from outsiders, true to himself, and only himself.There is not a lot.We constantly doubt afraid to do something wrong to upset or frustrate the culprit celebration, disappoint or just to spoil the holiday.In vain!Such tactics, we all, and ports.

necessary to clearly set a goal and achieve it.You have chosen to congratulate the beloved so that he will remember this for a lifetime?Poem dedicated to him, and it is better than one or two, but a whole book, which will be written about your sincere feelings for him, about how you can not live without it, etc.Do you think a man is not hurt?

consider another option.For example, even with the school you are accustomed to give February 23 boys and cologne postcard or greeting card and key chain, no matter what to give, it's just going on the advice of teachers, or your mother, who is trying to give a gift of money to at least not familiar boy.Yes, it was
so many, but this is not the case!What was in school, you need to forget!Out of my head!We give a gift is no longer a boy from school, and beloved man!That's the difference.

beloved man is not just a nice note and a huge amount of attention and care, even if your gift is not like at all.You have to feel that it can give.It may be poetry, music or frank recognition of your love for him.Improvise!Prepare a delicious dinner that - something which he has not yet tried that - what you can surprise him, please.A man must feel that he is special, unique, and it has no analogues.

If you give a card, try to get there was less of the printed text, and more than you write.You do not need to rewrite the text on the Internet or books - you are quite capable to write it yourself, even better, than anywhere else.Just connect your consciousness to a wave of love and light that takes place in your heart!Here's a simple recipe for success in the writing postcards.Let there be no rhyme, let it be not quite beautiful handwriting, but it will be an original and one.

Your man will know you love him, you care about him.Believe me, the answer is not long in coming.In his heart, it will mark an unusual greeting, how touching it happened.

essence of men is that some hide their emotions and even feelings.Do not be afraid of it!Try to be open with him, and he, too, will be revealed to you.Just be patient!

Remember that the key to success is love, sincerity, imagination and desire.Will the love and sincerity - will be her imagination and desire to make a reality.

love their men!Give them yourself and your love!Be happy!