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Protein for weight gain

What is the effect of proteins

no secret that protein is an important nutrient in the body that performs a variety of functions.Almost everything in the human body is composed of different protein structures.For muscle and consequently weight gain, protein - a building material.The sports menu proteins occupy a special place.At various physical activities is the destruction of muscle protein structures.Therefore, after heavy physical exertion proteins help restore lost muscle structure.

themselves proteins entering the body, it is not directly used to increase muscle.They entering the body, absorbed in the digestive organs was digested into amino acids, which are used to form the essential body proteins.Protein for weight gain are essential to man.

protein for weight gain

all the needs of the human body, which is experiencing great exercise, protein can satisfy proteins.According to studies, at least 30% of the daily ration must occur in the protein, and not less than 2-4 grams of protein

per kilogram weight.This is a pretty serious relationship which can not obtain with conventional foods.In addition, a large number of products is completely absorbed in the body.Proteins are designed specifically for those who engage in strenuous exercise (athletes, porters, etc.).Proteins intended for weight gain, and more specifically in muscle tissue.These dietary supplements are very easily and quickly absorbed, accelerate recovery processes.In addition, many kinds of proteins you can get only with the help of special technologies.

What are the main types of protein for weight gain

One of the most popular components of protein supplements is whey protein.Compared with proteins of plant and animal origin, this protein is very rich in amino acids BCAA.Whey protein has a very high rate of cleavage, relative to other whole protein is able to quickly provide the necessary amino acids your muscles.This is especially important organism after finished exercise, and after the sleep.

Casein is a protein with a complex structure.This protein was prepared by curdling milk enzymatically.The body forms a casein curd mass, and it is a relatively long time to digest, providing the body with amino acids long.It may be noted that this type of protein for weight gain is best taken before bedtime and when it is necessary to provide a fairly lengthy recharge the body.

Milk protein is a mixture of casein (80%) and whey (20%) proteins.They added milk carbohydrates.

The reference protein can be regarded as egg protein.Relatively it is determined the value of other proteins.The highest degree of digestibility has egg protein.

Soy protein - a protein that is very well balanced amino acid composition.It allows to reduce, with a material, in blood cholesterol levels.This type of protein is excellent for people suffering from intolerance to dairy foods.The dosage of soy protein should be treated very carefully, because it is believed that an overdose of a very negative effect on the intestine.

collagen protein - a protein that has the best amino acid composition necessary to restore and build connective tissue, joints, ligaments, skin, and is usually used as a supplement to the protein mixture.

above proteins are great for weight gain, recovery of muscle tissue.But you need to know that these products are suitable for people who are engaged in strenuous exercise.

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