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How to eliminate the smell in the refrigerator

reasons nepriyatnogozapaha from the refrigerator

The main function of home appliances - storage products.Alyuboy product may deteriorate.It promotes the growth of bacteria, kotoryi can cause odor.In addition, somewhere something mozhetrazlitsya or leak, and time is not removed, the smell may also occur.Takzheprichinoy smell may become improper use of the refrigerator.For example, this applies to refrigerators to the system No Frost.

technological features of this system is that there is an active chamber chtov air movement.And if in such a blatant holodilnikpostavit food in the dishes, the smell of her spread vsemuholodilniku.Therefore, this problem is solved very simply - all products nuzhnohranit in sealed packaging, or in a sealed container.

Another cause of unpleasant odors in the refrigerator -samorazmorazhivanie.This may be due to a power outage or failure vsluchae.Then the source of the odor may be products that are vholodilnoy chamber.

Folk sposobyustraneniya smell in the refrigerator

vinegar.It samyyprostoy and accessible in every way.We need to take a mixture of vinegar and water (1: 1) iproteret it all the shelves, baskets, seal and wall of the refrigerating chamber.Dale hour or two in the refrigerator glass with a small amount of vinegar Izata all ventilate.

ammonia. method similar to the previous one, only the ratio of alcohol and water to be 1: 100.Instruktsiya same.

lemon juice. a very efficient means of eliminating the bad smell.To do this, soklimona mixed with vodka at a ratio of 1:10.In the absence of vodka, it mozhnozamenit water, but then the juice must take twice.

Soda. Postavteemkost with soda for a few weeks in the refrigerator.If you need to get bystrogoeffekta, then you need to put baking soda on each shelf.This method will be effective lishposle how the refrigerator is cleaned up as germs, he unsolvable problem.

Activated Carbon. To use this method, you need to take 20-40 tablets of coal, crush them, pour into a shallow container and refrigerate.One portion takogosredstva can be used for several weeks.

Black bread. Takoysposob can help with a mild odor.To do this on each shelf nuzhnorazlozhit a piece of ordinary black bread.

Coffee. Perebitzapah may slightly coffee beans or ground coffee slightly laid vholodilnik.However, the disadvantage of this method is that the smell does not go away, aprosto interrupted by the smell of coffee.

Modern sredstvadlya eliminate odors in the refrigerator

Cleaning. known means is OdorGone, which is widely used for mytyamorozilnyh cameras at meat processing plants.Within 12 hours after washing ustranyayutsyaabsolyutno all odors.

odor absorbers. Such funds are not intended for cleaning the refrigerator, but for vpityvaniyaimeyuschihsya flavors.A well-known representative of such funds is Universalnyysorbent cleaner for refrigerators, which is produced by different firms.

Ozonizers air. Such means is electrical generating ozone, which vradiuse his action is able to kill all the germs.Such disinfector ustranyaetne only smell, but its cause.Ozonizers run on batteries, which hvataetna 1-2 months.

Eliminating smell again

refrigerator odor problem inherent in virtually all novymholodilnikam, whether it is expensive or cheaper model.The source zapahavystupayut plastic and rubber parts of the appliance.So before nachalaekspluatatsii your long-awaited purchase all its parts and the walls need vymytlyubym of the above means and then with clean water.Wiping with a dry cloth vsyuobrabotannuyu surface should be left open refrigerator for 2 hours.Posleistecheniya time can enjoy the work of your new "friend."

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