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Mother in law wants us to live

To begin to understand how best to proceed and what strategy to choose the behavior, you must answer the question - why in-law wants us to live?Now we will look at the most popular options.


It may be that your loved one has died and now his father-in-law feels lonely.In this case, it certainly wants to live with relatives.So you need to act very carefully, because you can catch the feelings not only in-law, and your husband, and their eyes seem insensitive.To start Speak situation with her husband.Explain to him that you understand in-law and how it is now difficult.But on the other hand, it should also realize that you already own family.Of course, she can come to you when he wants to and spend time with relatives, but to live in the same house, you will be simply difficult, because, as you know, when there are two mistresses, mood disappears.

Of course, in this case-law can still say that it has never and no one is hurt, and you do not consider her family man and can simply be off

ended by you.Incidentally, it is worth noting that in any case, a person who really loves and respects their children are always aware that he was simply not allowed to try to enter fully into their lives.Therefore, if in-law wants to live with you, then, as if she did not deny that, consciously or unconsciously, she indulges his selfishness that has incorrectly.In such cases, if there is no other way, we can offer just-in-law to change the place of residence.That is, to find her a property near you.Thus, it will always be able to come to their home, but you will not be on the same housing around the clock.

Education grandchildren

More may be that the mother in law wants to live with you, to help educate your children.Of course, help my grandmother - it's very good, but only if the parents agree with its methods of education.If you calculate that your child is better to go to kindergarten than to spend time with his grandmother, then you will have to find arguments to dissuade the mother from her husband of such an idea.You can handle the fact that children are in a good kindergarten, where teachers teach their excellent knowledge on modern methods and techniques.Keep in mind that this situation can really be a conflict if no arguments do not help and you still have to say-in-law that you just do not want it it is fully engaged in the upbringing of children.Of course, it is noticeable impact on your relationship, but on the other hand, if you believe that this influence is really harmful, it is best to the last stand on his own, regardless of the opinions of your husband and in-laws.

health problems

Another reason why in-law would want to live with you - health problems.In this case, you still have to come to terms.Whatever your relationship with her in-laws, do not forget that it is your husband's mother.This means that she has given him life and nourished.And now his turn to help her.And yours, since you are already one family.Therefore, there can only accept the situation and help her mother in law is what she needs.

In any case, it would not have a situation never show their husband sharply negative attitude to her mother in law, even if this is so.You need to husband decides whether he wants to live with his mother, and did not listen to your cries and insults in her direction.So better pick up some arguments that will make him think and ultimately decide that, for all the love of his mother, to live with her, he still does not want to.