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The design of the room under the laws of Feng Shui

Feng shui (translated - "wind and water") creates harmony and good quality energy in our environment.The goal of feng shui is traditionally to the positive energy of qi (healthy energy) flows smoothly and circulate throughout the living space or workplace.According to the theory, harmony is achieved when balanced yin and yang.Yin stands for darkness and silence, Yang - corresponds to the life and brightness.

idea underlying the teachings of feng shui is that our life depends on the well-being of qi.It decreases if there is insufficient harmony and positive chi in our environment.Methods of feng shui have been used for thousands of years, not only in buildings but also in the design and planning of cities and in public places.But how to apply these ancient practice of Feng Shui when decorating the room?

First you need to ask yourself a few questions:
  • Is there such a room in the house where you or other family members gather most often?
  • Is there a place where you feel uncomfortable or offended with n
    o logical explanation?
  • Do you have a hobby that requires creativity, whether you like your workplace, and are you satisfied with the end result of the work?
  • you feel tired even after eight hours of sleep?
  • If you are a business owner, are you satisfied with the results of your business, or do you think you could make more money?
If your answers say that something can be achieved to improve, it might be worth spending a little time on design and feng shui?Here are some tips that will create a more positive qi and the balance of yin and yang:

1. Use the right colors - they are necessary for health and for the peace of the state.All colors are symbolic expressions.Bright colors - green, red, yellow, and blue represent concepts such as growth, luck and longevity.Dark colors are relaxing and calm, although their excessive use can lead to depression.

2. Remove all the clutter.If your house is occupied by a lot of useless things and objects, your mind becomes too busy, so you become difficult to focus on matters requiring a clear decision.Ask yourself what you really need to have on hand and remove the rest of the stuff away!

3. Make sure there is enough space for the movement of energy.This is another key principle of decorating and Feng Shui.Organize your space so that people can come and go with ease.Remove any objects that hinder easy movement.Thus, a healthy flow of qi energy increases.

4. You should always see the door.You may not realize this, but being able to see the door of the room creates a feeling of security and freedom.People feel vulnerable when they can not see the door, especially during the night's rest.We feel safe when we see someone going in and out of the room.Place the bed so he could see the door.

5. Create a balance between hard and soft line form.This is particularly important when combined furniture, or scheduling environment in a room.Often beautifully curved chair, placed in one of the corners, helps break up hard line more traditional furniture.

apply these methods when dekoriruete your home, and you will improve the quality of your living space ... and maybe even life!

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