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Vitamin drink passion fruit

  • pear type "Conference" - 2 pieces
  • green grapes - 20-30 pieces
  • orange juice - 1 cup yogurt
  • - 60 milliliters
  • ice cubes - 4-6 Pieces

1. Attention!If you are lactose intolerant or just not configured to drink milkshakes at the moment, you can easily remove this component from the beverage - by this he does not lose any of its taste or health benefits.2. Pears should be washed and cut into pieces - skin can not be removed, but be sure to remove the middle of a tough, otherwise it will ruin the texture of the drink.3. Squeeze the juice from the pulp of oranges - depending on the season and juicy citrus they need 2-3 pieces.4. All components of the beverage place under cover in a bowl of a blender and mix them.If you like the cold and more viscous vitamin drinks, do not forget the ice!5. When the drink is smooth, pour it into glasses and drink immediately to fully enjoy the taste of a loved one "passion fruit".

Servings: 2-3