How to save the relationship, if the husband and wife work together?

In fact, no matter how the couple appeared together on one job - is a consequence of the service of the novel, a family business, or in any other way.This phenomenon has certain advantages and disadvantages.

plus - they are much less:
- organizational side for planning family affairs.For example, it is easier to get along home and at work, dine, plan purchase, easier to organize the education of children, keep house, etc.
- Disputes as to whether good or bad, if the spouses have the same profession, most are solved positively.It is rather good.When does passion have to say something.In particular, we discuss the work, the case was working.Teamwork enables communicate in clear themes.In general, community of interests strengthens the family.

Cons - they are derived, in particular, of the advantages:
- We are in everyday life often do not share a social role.That is pull their work problems home and home - to work.As a result, the head of the house and continues to operate, the teacher - to teach

at home.If spouses work together, this border is generally erased, there is at least a ritual moment of transformation from employee to family man.This point is aggravated by the fact that the role of the family do not coincide with the position at work.For example, a home run by a woman, while at work, she is subject to her husband and vice versa.It turns out this confusion, from which it is difficult to get out.
- The couple see each other virtually around the clock.Naturally, they get tired of each other.
- Except for a few family functions, can not be realized one very important feature - the psychotherapeutic.In particular, the husband or wife, back home, workers may not share troubles, consult, get support, reassurance, approval or criticism.
- If the work is necessary to work with people who often need to address directly - smiling, joking, flirting.You know that in addition to the professional functions, it does not mean anything, but in the presence of the spouses it may be perceived as somewhat more.After all, the jealousy has not been canceled.
- Worse, if the husband and wife are subordinate to each other.The behavior of superior and subordinate can dictate the distribution of roles in the family.For example, a subordinate of the spouses may be something not to do, hoping for leniency, but in reality they are not.And it injures.On the other hand, if there are concessions, then there is resistance to the team, he sees man not as an equivalent worker and professional, but simply the wife of the chief.
- better when the couple are on the same level of professional growth.When there is competition, healthy competition is nothing wrong.But not everyone is ready to compete with the person from whom you expect love and support.

Recommendations couples who work together.
- It is desirable to develop the ability to disconnect from work after hours.It is given as a rule, and for many people experience - with great difficulty.
- at work as little overlap.If you have to work on joint projects, then you need to learn to give, to seek a compromise, because, most likely, will be disputes.
- Vacation is best done well together.Because in this method the couple will be able to really break away from work and remember that they are, first of all, family.But in the evening, the weekend should be considered separately, have their hobbies, friends.This will allow a break from each other.
- Exceptions to the rule are always there, there are couples who quite successfully work together on one job and feel very well.- Probably, these couples simply do not present themselves without each other.

If you can not get round the sharp corners and cons of teamwork are big problems for the family, one of the spouses have to look for another job.In the case when you have to work together and there is no possibility to change jobs, you should turn to a psychologist.And step by step, learn to adapt to the situation.