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Anatomy hair

Its root is in the dermal layer of the skin and the root is surrounded by a sac, with whom he has called the hair follicle.The rod in cross section includes inner and middle medulla and cuticle (outer layer of keratinized cells).Medulla (the core) with one of cells which are not yet fully cornification.The hair follicle (bulb) is a small thickening of the cells that are constantly dividing and form the hair.Also in the hair follicle are the sebaceous and sweat glands, forming a protective film on the skin.It adjoins the hair follicle (dermal) papilla, which contains blood vessels and controls the growth and condition of the hair.If papilla dies, then it wraps and hair.If the piece has survived, in place of the deceased can grow new hair.

Hot scissors

Haircut hot scissors, sealed section of each hair - saving treatment for split ends.

Enrobing hair health

D- apparatus which affects the scalp pulse waves of different frequencies, resulting in the surface layers of the skin i

mproves blood circulation and, hence, food hair follikulov.Glazirovanie may be colorless or colored.Means, used for glazing, bezammiachnoy include in its composition ceramides and moisturizing ingredients.The procedure of coating a layer of lacquer containing ceramides, which gives the hair extra shine.

castor beauty lotions

Because dandruff, start castor lotions.First brew black tea - 1 tsp. Per 50 ml of water - and boil for 2-3 minutes.Mix with 1 tbsp.spoon of vodka and 1 tbsp.spoon castor oil.This liquid to moisten the roots of the hair, leave for 2-3 hours, wearing a hat and wrapped his head, and then wash with warm water and mild baby shampoo.Do this procedure 2-3 times a week and a month does not pass, you get rid of dandruff, it helps fight dandruff radish, which have the necessary hair trace elements: sulfur, silicon, zinc and potassium.The juice of this fruit should be applied to the scalp for two to three hours before washing.The course - two months.

Keratin health

Your hair is 97% composed of keratin - the protein material enriched with trace elements and vitamins.Therefore, for their growth and health needs protein.The best sources of protein than soybeans, is not found.It does not contain harmful cholesterol, adrenaline and hormones that are found in meat, vegetable protein it is much easier to digest than animal protein, and in addition, soy is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids that stimulate the growth of hair.H is a professional hair products, which differs from the usual tools in that it includes an incredibly small nanoparticles with great penetrating power, working with hair from root to tip at the molecular level.

Japanese perm

very popular in Europe.In Japanese composition for waving of hair (it is also called "Japanese Chemistry") does not include alkali and acid, the pH is neutral.The drugs are based on stretching, and not on the destruction of hair cell connections.The structure also includes a special keratin complex.

Nano cosmetics

procedure is carried out using a special gun containing adhesive resin that has absorbent properties.It should be applied to dry hair, massage your scalp and comb the curls.Collecting excess fat, dry shampoo has a positive effect on the skin, purifying it.In addition, this shampoo has a pleasant fragrance and disinfectant properties.But it should not be used often, because he is not good at cleaning the scalp and hair.Massage the scalp and combing the hair soft natural brush significantly improve the nutrition of hair follicles, return the hair shine, clear locks on balances styling.But be careful: this procedure is not for everyone.Since the massage stimulates the sebaceous glands, it strongly do not recommend to people with very oily strands.Any disease of the skin and hair loss are also contraindicated.Massage will only aggravate existing problems.But the owners of dry hair rubbing the skin is helpful.But they should be careful with frequent combing curls - it will help trigger fragility and lamination hair.In any case, the procedure should be performed no more frequently than twice a week for 10-15 minutes.

Hair type

curls are dry, normal, oily and mixed, thin and healthy or depleted.When choosing a shampoo be sure to carefully examine the label and choose a tool of its type.Ihoptiloz - longitudinal splitting ends.The reason for the defeat of curls is seborrhea, frequent hair discoloration or injury of metal combs.Trihoptiloz may occur not only at the ends of the hair grew, but the roots of hair follicles simultaneously with atrophy.Split ends need to shear hot scissors, and the use of special equipment that they stick together.

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