A woman's body during lactation

Down doubt!

Colostrum liberated immediately after birth, contains nutrients and immune factors of protection.So there is a chance to save the baby from infections and help his still unformed immune system.Bodily contact Mom and baby I during feeding is especially important for the development of the emotional sphere of the child.And for the development of cognitive (mental, cognitive) sphere of the most important is your eye contact.Admit it, it is worth to fight for the milk!Experts have noticed: if the mother believes that she will bring up her baby's milk, lactation did not hurt, including physical condition.After all, the process of milk production is controlled by the brain and not the chest.Now there is only you and your crumbs.No chores, no overly intrusive relatives, nor the global crisis did not have the right to distract you from each other!

Milk enough

In the first five days after delivery, when the milk is still on the way, child enough colostrum.His kidneys can tolerate only those

2-5 ml.So Throw concerns about malnutrition of your baby and do not think about the mixture of supplemental foods (at least, not yet).The more often you will put the newborn to the breast, the more milk will be produced.In addition, it is also a good prevention of cracked nipples.To prepare them, and tempered in the first 2-3 days after birth crumbs Offer first one breast (5-7 minutes), and then give him the other (also 5-7 minutes).And me again.

Lactation normally

known: every 1.5-2 months the milk slightly decreases.The first such crisis - the most difficult, but not insurmountable.As often as possible is applied to the chest of the child and how i can be less nervous.Take care of your diet.First of all, you need to eat well and drink a lot!If in the early days it was required limit, now - 2.5 liters daily.Fish, veal, chicken.You need proteins.Do not forget about milk, cottage cheese and cheese!It is desirable to afford the salt: the liquid will be retained in the body and excreted in milk.Try milk back and using water treatments.Before serving, take a warm shower, and in the evening to do a breast bath with very warm water (for 15 minutes).

problems with the nipples

main reason wounded nipples - poor attachment to the breast.So go to our master class.And you can help heal wounds treatment and preventive tools, great healing cracked nipples and their protection from further injury.A child in your arms.His belly pressed against yours, his face - in front of your chest.Take the chest with his hand by placing fingers behind the areola (dark circle around the nipple).Slightly deviate baby's head back and touch it to the nipple lip crumbs.Do not take it, wait until the baby opens his mouth wide.Gently persuaded, but do not rush.Put into the mouth of the baby the nipple and areola, as if leaning his lower jaw to their newborn.Little should as much as possible to capture the areola, or rather, 2.5-3 cm. Raised his head crumbs so that its upper jaw touched your breast.Make sure he kissed properly, otherwise, take out the nipple gently and repeat all over again.


most often mothers are faced with difficult outflow of milk.Gland harden in breast grope painful seal.It lactostasis.It is not dangerous, but only in the early days.If time does not eliminate the problem, it can begin a serious inflammation of breast tissue - mastitis.Part of the breast becomes red, hot, swollen and painful to the touch, the temperature rises, it may be a fever.In this case, need to consult a specialist in breastfeeding.Do not act alone!Furthermore, to limit the intake of fluids, especially warm, and try to regularly feed the baby.You feel chest pain and fever?Decant.So you alleviate their condition - and the baby will be easier to take the nipple.But be careful: the constant pumping enhances lactation.Try to change posture during feeding.Put the crumbs in the back, and she went down on all fours so that the area was the hardening of his jaw.In this position, he will release more quickly the problem area.

disease - does not prevent

¬ęBreastfeeding is contraindicated only in the case of serious illness of the mother, such as heart failure or serious kidney, liver or lung ..." - so says the WHO.The usual viral infection should not interfere with feeding.On the contrary, milk your baby will begin to receive protective antibodies, and his health will only get stronger.

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