Should I believe in the supernatural?

of conservation of energy

Even the most inveterate skeptics and materialists dolzhnypomnit about the law of conservation of energy, which never disappears into nowhere.Avsya information that a person accumulates over a lifetime, all egochuvstva and emotions - it is energy.As we used to say, the soul.And after the death of the human soul as a bundle of energy and information is venergeticheskom stream, which is around the earth.But as we all know, the stronger was the information, the stronger are the feelings, the stronger the energiya.Poetomu often happens that even after death, a person feels on etoyzemle.Everything is explained very simply: it is either too attached to someone from nynezhivuschih and his feelings are so strong that even after death ostaёtsyaenergetika or before death experienced a lot of stress and emotions poetomuenergiya also significantly increased in size and become tangible.

Nematerialisty believe that human energiyane just there, and it still has a mind.That is, the so

ul - it is, in fact, is the man.And the body - only a shell, like any earthly clothing.Their appearance mneniepodtverzhdayut died in their dreams, visions, and so on.With drugoystorony, it is difficult to say that such displays otherworldly essence mogutstoprotsentnoe confirm the presence of mind in the so-called soul.Perhaps when we have something to see and feel it is our subconscious mind draws just energiyuiz global flow of information.Nevertheless, the fact that chelovecheskayaenergiya and energy does not disappear to nowhere, and in special cases even mozhetstanovitsya visible, yet it is recognized.Moreover, the reality poyavleniyapotustoronnih entities, called souls, confirms the huge kolichestvolyudey.Moreover, some of them believe in otherworldly forces, and others - otnosyatsyaskepticheski.Therefore, people of different words to describe what he saw, but smyslvsegda left alone - they come to the dead, with both family and friends, yet completely unfamiliar person, which they did with a strong desire to learn nemogli information from the energy shell of the earth.


about various supernatural beings and substantsiyahslozhili many stories, myths and legends.Each of us familiar with the childhood leshimi, houses, mermaids, werewolves, vampires, and so forth.But are etisuschestva fruit of popular imagination or are they really realistic?Firstly, it is necessary to reflect on the fact that every nation of the world has its own legends and mify.No if you do not pay attention to the different names there are some differences between vortices descriptions, all the stories about the other describing a few dozen podobnyhsuschestv.For example, any mythology there are stories about the creature, ochenpohozhem on our brownie or a devil.The lakes all countries and narodovobyazatelno must live pretty girls, bringing death to those who will fall Imnah eyes.And if so many people from different parts of miraopisyvayut like creatures, it is possible that they still exist, as breathtaking backdrop as thousands of people to dream the same.

In addition, unlike the dead, podobnyesuschnosti people see a lot more often.Almost every one of us to protyazheniizhizni cases at least one story related to some potustoronnimisuschestvami.In fact, they say psychics such entities also have energiya.Oni appear at a time when there is a strong surge energetiki.Dopustim happens for a mass killing, many people feel the pain of Istria and so on.In this case, the place where the accident occurred, to form no matter how much energy imprint, which is not ischezaetna for many years and scares people.Of course, this bundle of energy mozhetbyt not only bad but also good.If you constantly represent opredelёnnuyususchnost, like his angel, giving her as an assistant izaschitnika eventually around you can really be polozhitelnayaenergeticheskaya substance, which will protect you and help you dobivatsyatogo what you wish.

But if all this is just the energy, that is why people vidyatpohozhih beings?Perhaps the point here is that these entities had toimeli real prototypes.It is not known what was on our land before.Estpredpolozheniya about that, there existed a race of intelligent ostatkamipredstaviteley who introduced our ancestors.Perhaps this race obladalaopredelёnnymi technologies that have been taken for supernatural powers, it might be mutated, so our mythological characters look kakzhenschiny with fish tails and a man with the body of a horse.Of course, this is just lishteoriya, but it may well have the right to life, if you look nasverhestestvennoe with a materialistic point of view.And that is why, the descendants of those first lyudeyvidyat supernatural nature in this way.They just pick naiboleepodhodyaschie images from his past and connect them with energeticheskimisuschnostyami that have always existed on any planet in any izmerenii.Iz the fact that a large number of people are beginning to give way or inoysuschnosti certain way, over time it really starts vyglyadettak as energysimply mix.

That's why, returning to the question of faith in ilineverii otherworldly forces, we can say one thing: energy and the energy of all that is on this earth, very powerful.She feels bad just get nowhere and sprayed in the world, because there takoeponyatie as memory.And as we remember who we are, our energy just feels bad to crumble into a thousand pieces and scatter the universe.In addition, the human memory can confer enormous power energy.That memory oplohom becomes the core to create a variety of negative entities.So, believe or not to believe in the other world - the choice is yours.

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