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Secrets of a tasty vigor to what dishes to cook and serve coffee

Secrets of a tasty vigor to what dishes to cook and serve coffee

Coffee - one of the beverage whose taste and flavor depends on what dishes to cook and serve.About all the intricacies of the coffee brewing and we will try to tell you in this article, prepared in cooperation with well-known brand Melitta - one of the world's top producers of this amazing drink.

What better dish to make coffee?

most important rule of delicious organic coffee - quality grain, cooked properly.By "properly" means not only a recipe, but how many dishes, in which the beverage is brewed.There are several basic ways of cooking, each of which has its fans, pros and cons.

Let's start with the simplest - brewing ground powder in a cup.This method is also called the coffee in Polish, although the Poles very rarely use it.It consists in the brewing 1-2 teaspoons of the powder with boiled water in a porcelain cup with subsequent infusion drink for 4-5 minutes.Quick and very easy method, among which are the cons unfiltered and thick unsaturated taste.In addition, coffee in Polish is not distin

ctive aroma and elite varieties, cooked in this way, will not reveal all of its subtle flavor edge.

What better dish to make coffee?

Note!If you prefer to brew coffee, do it in a porcelain cup with thick walls, which hold heat better and the taste of the drink get richer.In addition, look for fine grinding of grain, such as Melitta Café Excellent.

By the same principle, and the coffee is prepared in the French press, with the only difference that the piston filters thick and it does not fall into the cup.Using the French press, be sure to give preference to original dishes made of durable heat-resistant glass, such as the French press to 8 cups of Melitta.For it is also suitable powder fine or medium grind.

most popular and claimed the true coffee drinkers, the best way - cooking in Turku (Cezve).It is a specific form of the dishes (wide bottom and narrow neck) allows the drink to reach the desired temperature.

What better dish to make coffee?

Attention!Coffee can not be boiled!It must be removed from the fire at the moment when the foam rises, and at the surface is about bubbles appear.Otherwise, the finished beverage will lose not only in taste but in the useful properties.

considered ideal Turk copper with a thick bottom and a wooden handle.Copper is considered the best heat conductor, and the handle made of wood eliminates the possibility of burn during cooking.Just make sure that the inside was covered with copper Turk food tin.

Good Cezve and clay, which, due to the high porosity of the material, coffee saturated with oxygen and becomes a rich and distinct flavor.

Note!The specific method of cooking in Turku requires coarser grains such as how Bella Crema Espresso.

Bella Crema Espresso

Which dishes serve coffee?

But properly cook invigorating drink enough, you also need to submit it in a proper container, which he finally reveal all its facets taste.It is best suited for these purposes porcelain coffee cups with thick walls.It is noteworthy that for different types of coffee cups of different sizes are needed.For example, strong espresso should be served in a small cup desirable elliptical shape of a truncated inside.Classical espresso cup 5 cm in diameter and in height, and 50 ml.

Note!Before you bring a drink to the table is required to heat the dishes.Even a gourmet coffee as Bella Crema Selection Des Jahres from Melitta lose the taste, if feed it in the cold cup.

cappuccino need utensils of the same material and the same shape, but larger volume - about 120 ml.But the US must be submitted in the biggest coffee cups - 180-200 ml.

In some dishes serve coffee?