Good and very effective exercises for the correction

Walking useful to all, without exception, as is the view of physiological fitness.Increases tone leg muscles and trains the cardiovascular system.Push-ups - is an easy way to work without improvised muscles above the waist.Yoga improves coordination, flexibility, concentration, and teaches relaxation.

Cellulite is not eternal

authoritatively declare: cellulite can be overcome if eat right and do fitness.Within 8 weeks of 62 women aged 20 to 80 years were trained 3 times a week, combining cardio- and power loads.Half of them do not stick to any diet, the other half reduced fat intake.Those who do not follow the diet, got rid of 2 kg of excess weight and 2.5 cm in thigh circumference.The results of the second group of representatives of the more impressive - minus 5 kg and 5 cm in the hips.At the same time 10% of the participants of the experiment the appearance of cellulite less visible.

swim in the fun

If you love diving, then your body is very lucky, because it is difficult to find a more use

ful form of fitness.However, from the contemplation of tiles at the bottom of the pool for an hour, you can just die of boredom.Here are a few ways to entertain themselves in the water.Put on your fins.Of course, this does not relieve you from having to sail the same route - from ledge to ledge, but it will give your legs a good workout and improve the flexibility of the knee.Fast-slow.Play with the speed - change it every few strokes.Most alternate styles.Thereby you to get to work different muscle groups.Yes, and the head will not remain without work, because all the time have to think, what movements to perform.Use hand board.Then you can really pump up your leg muscles effectively and quickly learn the proper technique.Be creative.Invent your own styles of swimming, for example, when the float on his back, use the basic movements breaststroke and butterfly legs - hands.Fitness on the eve of the monthly will save you from the apathy and pain.So rather than rest up in bed with a hot water bottle, grab sneakers - and ran into the room!

stronger and younger

finished warming up, never start a break.It is better to immediately, without losing a second, go to the main exercises.If you hesitate, the whole effect of it a few minutes later come to naught, and the risk of injury will once again be great.These signs of aging as the replacement of muscle with fat deposits can be effectively prevented by regular exercise.A blood test of 30 women aged 19 to 69 years showed that the 10-minute cycling and weight training dramatically increase the blood levels of the anabolic hormone that decreases with age.It was his deficiency leads to muscle loss, weight gain from fat and increase bone fragility.

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