Harmful if mycoplasmosis during pregnancy?

Among the pathogens isolated from humans, allocate 5 types of very pathogenic to the human body.Without going into details, these views affect the respiratory system, as agents of respiratory mycoplasmosis are factors accompanying the development of AIDS hit urogenital tract.Of course, a particular danger mycoplasmosis is during pregnancy.Harmful if mycoplasmosis for a woman who has a child?Of course yes!The big danger mycoplasmosis pregnancy poses to the ovum.The disease may alter the variation of fetal eggs at different stages of pregnancy.The path of transmission is defined as a sexual way or the placenta, ie at birth from mother to child.The only way to reduce the quality and interest of the disease mycoplasmosis during pregnancy - is a therapy of pregnant women, which should take place after 16 weeks of pregnancy.Unfortunately, despite the measures taken, the mortality rate is 15%.

Aggravation mycoplasma also threatens pregnant woman serious complications, such as spontaneous abortion or intrauter

ine fetal death.It is also not uncommon that the inflammatory process, which is caused by mycoplasmosis, can contribute to premature birth.Aftermath mycoplasma affect not only the child, but also, of course, a woman.One of the serious complications is considered to be an inflammation of the uterus, or endometrium.Intrauterine fetal loss mycoplasmosis is almost impossible, because it is protected by the placenta.In some cases, it may result in the fetus because of the omission of the placenta or the presence of pathological processes or factors.Most damage occurs fetus by placental, that is, the defeat of the Child, held during delivery through the birth canal.Statistically, it often affects girls.Unlike adults, who at mycoplasmosis affected the urinary tract in children affected bronchopulmonary system, that is, a mycoplasmosis causes inflammation of the throat, nose, throat, lungs and bronchi.

manifestation of mycoplasma during pregnancy may show the usual symptoms of the inflammatory process in the form of colorless discharge from the vagina in small numbers, as well as a burning sensation when urinating.For example, men are asymptomatic mycoplasmosis that is often the cause of disease due to delayed diagnosis and treatment.Symptoms of the disease usually does not manifest itself even approximately 4 weeks, there is a picture washed out, hidden flows.The clinical picture of the disease rather narrow and therefore very difficult to determine mycoplasmosis solely on complaints of the patient.The disease occurs in a latent form and activated without catalyzing factors that affect it, such as stress, immune system decline.How mycoplasmosis treated during pregnancy?

Doctor of individual treatment, taking into account the characteristics of the patient, its age and the constitution, and so on. D. The causative agent of the disease detected in an early stage of development and hardly had time to cause harm to a pregnant woman, it is easy to treat, but neglected or even chronic forms of mycoplasma demandspecial attention and a lot of experience of the doctor.Typically, these infections are treated with antibiotics and prescribe immunotherapy, but very insidious mycoplasma organism, and if an experienced specialist, he will know that mycoplasma resistance (resistance) to many antibiotics and therefore, the treatment of such a group of drugs will be effective enough.That is why doctors advise Tutor treatment, because without knowing the intricacies of the disease, you can cause yourself more damage by transferring the infection to the form that brings complications or chronic.

Treatment mycoplasma is generally carried out in parallel with the last sexual partner, to avoid the risk of re-infection.Because after a woman have been ill, she did not even formed a temporary immunity, that is, there will always be a risk of re-infection, and therefore make the partners take the same treatment.Medikamentozno men's course of treatment may vary considerably from the female.Do not put off treatment of mycoplasma, as the further development of an infection lead to the development of inflammation, infertility or ectopic pregnancy.

Also, we have described all the possible complications and ways of their transfer to the fetus, so do not delay the treatment.Possible consequences are huge and very formidable, they threaten both the fetus and mother.At a time when you are planning a pregnancy or are at a very early pregnancy, expectant new mother should go through all the tests that were prescribed by a doctor and not to postpone it for another day.It is premature detection of mycoplasma during pregnancy through delivery of analyzes can provide you gentle treatment that will significantly strengthen and improve the lives of both your child and your because running mycoplasmosis leads to enormous infectious consequences that develop in the uterus during childbirth and even during cesarean section.

Remember to undergo gynecological examination, carry a doctor's prescription in the case of detection of infection in order to prevent its development.Do not hesitate with the slightest symptoms described previously by us, to see a doctor because it is important that pregnancy proceeded normally, without diseases.Pobespokoytes for your life and for the life of the unborn child.

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