A set of exercises on yoga

But the most valuable thing in yoga is that you do not have to spend a lot of time to exercise, in order to get a result.Daily practice in just 10 minutes will bring more benefit than long training, but once a week.Start your day with yoga, and you will feel a surge of energy in the body and emancipation will beat your mood.Just 10 minutes of exercise in the morning, and you will feel good all day.

complex yoga exercises specifically designed to deal with stress.Being in any position, is slow deep breath in through your nose for five seconds and as slowly exhales.Try this time not to think about anything, just concentrate on your breathing.Repeat respiratory warm-up 3 - 6 times and then move on to the next exercise.Exercise is necessary to yoga every day, but only for 10 minutes.Required items for the exercise: exercise mat, yoga support - a block or thick book and a few bath towels or blankets.

Exercise Yoga: Meditation.
Stretches muscles of the inner thigh, is struggling with the symptoms of menop

First sit down on a mat or blanket, soles of the feet to join in, knees out to the sides, straighten the back, and the head should look ahead.Bring your heel as close hand to the groin, so that you feel comfortable.Girth toes hands and fix the situation.See that during breathing exercises back does not sag.Do not exercise more than 10 minutes once a day.Can that be easier to do exercises under each thigh leg put a folded towel or blanket.

stretches the hips, buttocks and back.

from the position on his knees to lower your buttocks to the heels and push your knees shoulder-width apart.He leaned forward.Place the top of the body between the hips.Straighten hands in front of him, palms downwards, the forehead touches the floor.Hold, doing breathing exercises.Make exercise easier.Put collapsed into a roller towel between the legs and calves thighs.Perform exercises for 10 minutes, once a day.

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stretch the muscles of the back, chest, abdomen.Relaxes lower back.

Lie down on your back, bend your knees, heels upris the floor and put his hands on the sides of his hands to the bottom.Following on the heels, buttocks tear off from the surface.Enclose Yoga - a block or thick book under your tailbone.Breathing exercises, staying in this position.To climb upris heels on the floor, lift the buttocks, and take up a block or a book from under him.Then lie down on the floor and gently roll into a sitting position.Make exercise easier.Use the unit for support are not in height and in width, or take a thin book.Perform the exercise 10 minutes every day.

can not all yoga exercises to do at one time.If you do everything at once, then your argotizmov quickly tired due to overwork and you begin to exercise apathy.Always approach to the exercises slowly and gradually increase the load.It should be on every day to plan lessons.The correct approach to exercise one of the important conditions for achieving the desired result.If every day to carry out the same exercise, the effect of this will not be seen as your argotizmov get used to these loads.

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