How to eliminate pain in the abdomen during menstruation?

often causes pain during menstruation is excessive uterine contractions and an excess of hormone-like substances - prostaglandins that increase uterine contraction.Interestingly, the monthly women suffer painful civilized countries, women are the primitive tribes in the countries of India, China, Central America do not feel any pain.

eliminate pain through exercise

It had to engage in regular sports menstruating women are much easier.In addition, physical education improve and maintain the harmony of shapes.During the month we try to lie, not wanting to move.However, it will remove the pain of physical activity.During the critical days should be longer walk, crouch, move.Even a couple of sit-ups able to provide emergency aid for severe pain in the abdomen.

Perform the following exercises, you get a feeling for how to improve your condition.

  1. Lie on a flat surface, bend your legs, feet firmly on the floor Abut.Start slowly bend belly up and down, relax your muscles as much as possible.Perform 3-5
  2. Lean on elbows and knees, his head hanging as if Intermedia hands.Wait about 2-3 minutes in this position.
  3. Lie on your back and lift your legs high up against the wall, so that they are at right angles.Rest against the wall feet, it is necessary that they are tightly pressed against her.Hold this position for 5 minutes.
  4. Make "Cobra": Lie on your stomach, and the need to stretch arms outstretched on the floor and take the head and chest as much as possible back.Repeat 3-4 times, stretching the muscles of the back and abdomen.
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acting on the pain in the abdomen chemistry

If the pain is so strong, that does not go after the suggestions proposed above, take a pill.There will have all possible assistance to any of analgesics other than aspirin.Drink antispasmodic, these include baralgin, solpadein, spazmalgon, analgin, no-spa.You can take ketanov, but note that it is a potent drug.

Estrogen-progestin may also help, they inhibit the formation of prostaglandins, reducing pain during the critical days.The use of birth control pills has this property.

Diet ease the pain during menstruation

If you are in this period, painful for you'll be temporarily vegetarian food, it will greatly ease the pain.Give up a few days before menstruation and breast of animal food will be great if you become drink juices such as beet, carrot and others.Increase your intake of calcium and magnesium, eat all the vegetables with green leaves.

Caffeine strengthen your temper these days, so help yourself relax, brew herbal tea - anyone can be an infusion of leaves of raspberry, lemon balm and peppermint, chamomile or Oregano.Such good to drink hot tea during menstruation.

general, universal way to relieve pain during menstruation is not.Everyone handles their own, then triggered the individual characteristics of the organism.Some these days prefer a fifteen-minute hot bath, and someone, this method is not suitable, some are holding these days a ban on alcohol, while others, drink 30 grams of cognac.We are all different.It can be applied to the abdomen cold ice packs, and can be hot water bottle filled with water.

Regular yoga helps to feel in the critical days is much better.Yoga also helps to cope with anxiety and stress surging.Choose for yourself the best way to reduce pain during menstruation, but remember that sometimes the cause of the pain can be not menstruation and other symptoms indicating the existence of problems.

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