Errors of girls, when they meet with the guys

So what are the basic mistakes the girls when they meet with the guys?Probably in the first place, it is worth remembering obsessions.Of course, almost every woman loves to take care of his beloved and tries to help him in every way.Here are just a lot of men it becomes annoying.The fact is that boys no longer feel the representatives of the strong half of humanity, when they blow off with a speck of dust and do even that what they do not ask.Even if it is initially flattered, then, over time, the guys simply do not stand up and cease to respect his woman.Everyone is being used to, therefore, sooner or later, even the good young man begins to manipulate the young lady and make her perform all he would say.He was accustomed to what it should be.Build relationships, you need to always remember that you - a woman!And to love yourself.Another error is the girls who they allow in the relationship with the guys - it's disrespectful to yourself.And it manifests itself not only in complex, but also in relation

to their appearance.Often, when the relationship lasts long enough, the girls no longer look after themselves.Of course, men like us what we are, but, nevertheless, they want to see next to a lady, not a housewife in a soiled smock.I'm not saying that you need every day to do hairstyles in a hairdressing salon and walk home on a hairpin.But about cosmetics, beautiful clothes and taking care of themselves, too, should not be forgotten.You can never fully relax in the relationship, believing that "it's mine forever."This applies to both women and men.If someone completely waving her hand, sooner or later, interest begins to disappear.

If we talk about other errors, it is impossible not to recall the jealousy and scandal.Remember one thing: men hate hysterics.That's why you should never roll up scandals for any occasion.Boys in the girls appreciate the wisdom and ability to compromise.If there is some misunderstanding or miscommunication arises, you never need to go to beat the dishes and screaming.The best way would be to hold back and digest a first emotions.If this happens, you will be able to look at the situation more adequately and solve it peacefully.

Jealousy - is another serious reason for disagreement.Men never command respect women who like to read without the permission of SMS messages or contact.Always remember that, not knowing the overall picture, but only a part, you can do absolutely wrong conclusions.Also, do not forget that everyone has the right to personal space.Even your boyfriend.Every person there is always at least a couple of little secrets.We must deal with it and stop always something suspect.If you are sure that a man loves you, then it makes no sense to think out for yourself any reasons.If a man is constantly tormented by jealousy and suspicion, there is a large percentage of what once he tired of excuses, and he will confirm your guesses in fact, even if earlier, he did not think it was going to.Guys do not like the constant supervision and monitoring.However, it is not like everyone.Therefore, another mistake women desire to become fully bind man to himself.This is reflected in bans from seeing friends, going to the football, drink beer.For guys - friendship, it is a very important and powerful concept.And often it happens that if the choice is between a girl and a friend, then choose the name of another.Sometimes this act is correct, sometimes not, but the fact is that before a woman decides to limit contact your boyfriend, you should think carefully about whether to do so.Of course, this is not the case when the guy is clearly dubious company that it degrades.If the young man good friends, do not forbid them to see and spend time in the company of men.How could you not like a guy, he has a topic of conversation, he discusses only with men.There is nothing strange or offensive, because we are different, and there are things that do not understand women.Think about it, because there is something about what you are talking only with her friends and does not want to talk with a guy, no matter how much he disliked.

If you want to have long relationships and happy, though sometimes try to be independent.Of course, man - this is a stone wall that protects and hides from any troubles.But still, most men appreciate and respect those women who may be self-reliant and independent.I'm not talking about radical feminism.You just need to try to behave so that guy knew you gladly accept his help, but do not disappear.

relations always need sparks emotional nourishment that gives both sides.Therefore, you should not be the Snow Queen, and, in any case, it is not necessary to do everything for two.Error women - allowing full matriarchy or patriarchy.This strong family should always prevail, democracy, and all the problems addressed in the debate, rather than using the pans and shouting to be stronger ultrasound.

Errors girls, when they meet with the guys - is the inability to understand and accept someone else's point of view, or the desire to fulfill every whim and fulfill all of which will decide only the pious.If a girl learns to find a middle ground in all, and will never act rashly, it can count on the fact that a loved one will close forever.The main thing - to love yourself and respect the one who curses you in the eternal and infinite love.Then you'll find true happiness.

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