Feather grass, medicinal properties

feather grass growing in the steppe zones and near the mountains, the plant is well adapted to prairie life.He has long pinnate-pubescent networks that facilitate the spread of good seeds.Fuzzies - a good way to move in the wind, they are able to keep the seed in a vertical position on a parachute.And thus the seeds flying long distances, where, after finding refuge among the grass and falls to the ground.

in medical books feather can be found under the name Stipa pennata L. or feather grass.

begin to collect plants in late spring, and so on until the middle of summer flowering period.Used in dried powdered form for a variety of liqueurs.Also, use herbs and roots that are dug in autumn.

decoction of feather grass, with a poultice of herbs popularly used as a remedy for the problems with the thyroid gland (goiter).A decoction of the roots helps with paralysis.Medicinal properties of plants can not fail to appreciate.


  1. decoction should be boiled for 10-15 minutes a tablespoon of herbs and

    insist 1 hour in a glass of milk.Drink half a cup 2-3 times a day before meals.

  2. In diseases of the thyroid gland 2 tablespoons boiled in 250 ml milk 5 minutes, insist 30 minutes and drink the strained broth and small sips throughout the day.

decoction of herbs also make lotions to the area of ​​the thyroid gland.

The only thing to remember - feather is more than 300 different types and you need to know which one you need.In the vastness of our country grows about 80 species.The most valuable and most common - Lessing feather grass (Stipa Lessinqiana).That's it and you need to find, and for tips, you can refer to the agronomist, or ask at the pharmacy ready dried herbs.The one that is used for medical purposes, has bluish-green rough, hairy leaves and beautiful white blossoms on numerous stems.Also, it is easily recognizable by the feathery fluffy ostyam that scroll from the grains, the so-called pointed fruits.But lately become rare plant feather in our lands, because the majority of steppe areas are processed and harder to find.

Since feather cereal plant, it is quite nutritious.People working at the ground, know that if cattle graze in the green period of the plant, the animals perfectly put on weight.Useful are dairy products such animals, because they will receive a large number of useful and nutrients.It is also well suited for feather stock of hay, and even collect it turns out a bit smaller than usual herbs, but its usefulness is undeniable and often exceeds the nutritional meadow.Hay feather of small, soft and juicy, which allows winter animals do not lose shape.

But owners should be careful when it comes to the period of ripening seeds, it is better to move to other herbs, as grains feather slightly sharp and can injure the animal's mouth, get lost in the wool, while straightening the spiral spine - painful stick into the skin.

Yet more popularly appreciated the healing properties of herbs, especially if they combine with each other.

For example, the steppe feather grass and properties of the plant in conjunction with seed Echinops will be relevant in the treatment of paralysis.For this feather previously pulverized and mixed with seeds Echinops.2 teaspoons of this mixture pour 1 cup boiling water, wrapped and put in a warm place for the night.In the morning broth filtered through folded cheesecloth and drink throughout the day.In the evening, the infusion of harvest for tomorrow, and so on. D.

Stipa is also effective for rheumatism.

Also quite interesting is the interpretation of dreams involving feather.Stipa appears radiant, positive, enjoyable predictor and even want to believe such dreams.Most often, this dream foretells the journey in a beautiful natural place, or joy and gladness, prosperous circumstances.

Anyone who does not want to walk on the steppe in search of this plant, it can wreak in the yard.For this you should choose the driest portion of the yard, where there is no ground water and damp earth, it is desirable that there was sun all day, or most days.In wet areas will have to use drainage and elevation.Water the plants need to be only during rooting.In autumn cut the faded shoots without touching the leaves.

Though feather grass is used in dry form, for home decor and dry ekibany better not to do so, if the house there are people who are prone to allergies or are asthmatic disease.Parachutes seed badly affect the respiratory system and may cause coughing.

Recently, many kinds of plants are becoming increasingly rare, and you should pay attention to the fact that they are listed as endangered and rare species found!

treated carefully to nature and she will thank you.Take care of yourself and feel better than in my youth!I wish you health and beauty!

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