Armaalakaziya: Grass and its properties

care at home

Armaalakaziya thermophilic, it is considered the optimum temperature of 18-22 degrees.The plant needs moderate watering with warm soft water.It flowers in room conditions is rare, however, calls for a special attention: the high content of potassium in feeding and lighting in winter.

Propagated by dividing rhizomes or suckers in the spring when transplanting.

Grow recommended in spacious rooms, it can be as offices, shop windows and conservatories.Humidity thus should be high to avoid the risk of the plant spider mites.

Grass and properties

Of the many kinds of Alakazam only armaalakaziya has miraculous healing properties, strengthens the immune system, being a strong biogenic stimulant and possessing high phytoncide properties.

unique properties armaalakazii lies in the fact that it is partially inhibits cancer cell, thereby removing the body from cancer toxicosis.

anti-inflammatory, resolving and pain relievers actions have drugs, particularly alcohol tincture.

only small amounts of the poison is medicine.A striking proof of this assertion is armaalakaziya, which contains a potent poison sulemu (in dilute solutions used for disinfection).

use of traditional medicine

usual recipe of tincture of armaalokazii easy to manufacture and use.It is important that the raw material was fresh.Determine the readiness of the following ways: after the appearance of the fourth sheet is a withering away of the old, who begins to wilt and turn yellow, and it is the source for tinctures.

To prepare an alcohol tincture to half a liter of alcohol or vodka crush one thrown plant leaf petiole.The solution is to infuse for ten days.Regular consumption - three times a day before meals, starting with one drop on a tablespoon of water, increasing the daily drop.Bringing a portion of up to 52 drops on a spoon, begin to reduce the dosage.

When treatment with folk remedies (homemade liqueurs) most importantly, listen to your body, lest an overdose, and the drug does not become a poison.If you feel unwell, as the case of poisoning (nausea, dizziness, weakness in the legs, a sharp deterioration, etc.), Discontinue treatment, take four days a weak solution of manganese in milk.Then restore the regularity of decrease in doses of up to one drop.

tincture armaalokazii has analgesic effect in joint pain, scoliosis, osteochondrosis, thrombophlebitis, arthritis, hemorrhoids, psoriasis, allergies, skin disease cures.Recommend the use of the drug in the treatment of various kinds of tumors, including malignant.

the treatment of neoplastic diseases, fibroids use of tincture should be done exactly according to the scheme: one drop (1 tablespoon of water), adding each day 1 drop, reaching 30 drops continue to receive no increase in dosage until the end of 100 g of tincture.The second course of treatment to take place after a two-week break, and the third course - if necessary after 3 months.

the treatment of cervical erosion and tumors is recommended that women douche composition consisting of dilute a tablespoon of 40 per cent alcohol tincture in 700 grams of water.

Connoisseurs of Chinese medicine recommends tincture of armaalokazii at various kinds of diseases from pains in the stomach and intestines to dental pain, pneumonia and tuberculosis.

also tincture can be easily lubricated (not rubbing the skin) sore spots with a cotton swab moistened.However, even after such an easy procedure of external use tincture is necessary to make sure that she did not get on the mucous membrane, thoroughly wash your hands and drink sweet tea.

compresses infusion armaalokazii imposed depending on the disease.For example, in the treatment of mastitis and the nodes in the thyroid gland is offered daily 7-10 days, apply compresses for 4-5 hours.After a break of 2-3 days to continue the course of a complete cure.When treating patients with swollen veins in the legs perform the procedure duration of 3 days: well-moistened cloth is applied to the diseased veins, and the top compress paper, zabintovyvaya all elastic bandage.During treatment, it is desirable to move a little better lie down, placing his feet on the pillow to their level was above the head.After that, within three months lubricate the night sick vein infusion armaalokazii.

not only infusion of the leaves has armaalokazii miraculous properties, it is also used in the treatment of the milled root-tuber plants, which is applied to accelerate the healing of a variety of tumors, including malignant.Armaalakaziya grass and its properties are valued worldwide.

Attention, before preparing any popular recipes using herbs armaalakaziya consult your doctor.