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Egg hair.

Benefits eggs

useful in all parts of the egg, yolk, and albumen.The first includes the vitamins such as A, E, D, the whole group of B vitamins and saturated fatty acids.Vitamin D stimulates hair growth and vitamins A and E help curls saturated with moisture, nourish them from inside.They also prevent dry hair, prevents hair loss.Improve blood flow to the scalp helps vitamins B, which also makes the hair elastic and strong.A fatty acid is an excellent remedy for dandruff and also give the hair an irresistible shine.

listed above contains vitamins and egg white.Besides these, it is composed of proteins, amino acids and other substances that the body is simply unable to develop independently.They are essential for the process of cell renewal.The protein is also required for hair have been used as building material.It was from the proceeds of the protein depends on how fast your hair will be updated and whether they will be strong and sturdy.

Even eggshells hair carries a huge favor.It is rich i

n calcium that is easily absorbed by our body and is a key element in the growth and renewal of hair.

Home cosmetics

turns out that eggs are very healthy hair and help to cope with almost any problem.It is a universal tool that is in the refrigerator at any housewife and always ready to come to our aid.Use the eggs as a physician hair is quite simple - you can just a couple of times a week to put on the mask locks of one or two eggs.The regular holding of such a simple procedure will significantly help to improve the condition of hair.But to get a really stunning effect, it is better to add the eggs in a variety of masks and homemade shampoos.

egg mask suitable for almost any type of hair.It is important to choose the additional ingredients that will be included in the mask, so that they also help to solve the problem.Home-cooked egg shampoo may successfully replace the store.It is important to use them immediately after preparation.Wash your hair with shampoo so recommended once or twice a week.

There are many popular recipes of masks and shampoos from eggs to solve the various problems with the hair.Here are some of them.

Mask for hair prone to dandruff and greasy

For its preparation will need to beat two egg yolks, add to them the juice squeezed from half a lemon and a little oil (castor or burdock).After applying the mask on hair close them polyethylene and are wrapped with a towel.The composition of the wash after 30-40 minutes, the washed hair with shampoo.This mask helps not only from the increased fat, but dandruff.

Mask with eggshells for damaged hair

mask for this one needs a medium-sized cucumber, which is finely cut and knead until the condition of slurry.The resulting sauce pour pounded into a fine powder of shell eggs.There also add white and yolk of the egg, and about 2 tablespoons of olive oil.After mixing, the resulting mass is rubbed into the first zone of the roots, and then evenly spread across the surface of the hair.Keep the mixture on the hair only need 20 minutes and then wash using shampoo.This mask strengthens the hair perfectly, but it is better not to use it more often 2-3 times a month.

egg mask with olive oil to supply the hair

Depending on the original length of hair come from one or two eggs, more egg yolks separated from the protein.Their good whisk and whisk adds the following 1 or 2 tablespoons of olive oil.The whole mass of good whip again and diluted with warm water.The resulting mixture is distributed over the entire surface of the hair on top of their cover and dense polyethylene with a towel or handkerchief.Half an hour later the mask can be washed off using lukewarm water.This mask nourishes fine hair, refreshing them and gives a healthy glow.

Egg Mask with castor oil against hair loss

Egg yolks 2 eggs combined with one tablespoon of castor oil all thoroughly whipped.Ready composition is applied to the basal part of the hair with your fingers and massage the scalp is massaged.Top hair covered with foil or a special hat and wrap a towel.Half an hour mask maintained, and then washed off the hair with lukewarm water.At the end of the procedure the hair should be rinsed with cold water.

egg mask with yogurt and avocado to make curly hair smoothness and flatness

1 egg white is connected with 3 tablespoons of fat yogurt with no additives or flavorings.In the same weight is added to the crushed pulp of avocado halves.All mix well and apply weight on the entire surface of the hair, carefully rubbing the roots.To improve the effect of the top head cover with cellophane and a handkerchief.15-20 minutes to hold the mask on your hair, then rinse with unheated water with baby shampoo.

Shampoo on the basis of egg yolk for normal hair and prone to fat

Egg yolk of one egg diluted with water, taken in small amounts.Add to the mix 1 spoonful of lemon juice 1 spoonful of olive or sunflower oil.Ready shampoo copes with the fat content of hair, cleans and nourishes the hair follicles it.Gives curls shine and beauty.Used the same as shoplifting and shampoos.

egg shampoo for damaged and dried hair, as well as for recovery after dyeing

Egg yolks of 2 eggs mix with 2 tablespoons (of course, dishes) almond or olive oil.Here we add 2 tablespoons of carrot juice and 1 spoonful of honey.All components are mixed well, and then the shampoo may be used.Hair is washed off with a mixture of water, heated to 37 degrees.Shampoo perfectly restores the structure of the hair and strengthens the hair follicles.

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